Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sometimes, You Just Get Mad!


I'm getting surly emails complaining abougt how I didn't post today or yesterday.

Look here... don't get spoiled. Just because I posted every day last week- that don't mean I will be doing that ALL the TIME.

What's wrong with ya'll?

(Especially you, Serenity)


Anyway, I'm hijacking a post from that Oldgirl, The LBeezy...

I just KNOW she had to get this from That Southern Black Gal, as these peoplelook to be some of Southern's kin folk.

Throwing shoes at the Devil... Bush style...

I am NOT a big fan of traditional black southern churches... The organ playing and yelling preacher drive me nuts. I like to hear someone talk for an hour, I like to take a good 4 or 5 pages of good notes. I like to pontificate and have a tentative PLAN of action scratched out in the margins...

That constitutes good "chuuuuch" to me.

Some may like a lot of what is in the video. Hey... Be happy, and do YOUR thang!!

Let's just say, I would've loved to have heard this pastor's message before he hurled his Stacey Adams wing tips at the devil. I assume he had a good message of getting angry at the Enemy and taking action concerning your personal issues.

The video was interesting...

I now understand how dude felt when he threw his shoes at President Bush over in Iraq last year.

Sometimes you just get so mad at the devil that you gotta throw your shoes...

... or your purse.

... or your crutch!


  1. There is NEVER any reason to throw a shoe!And what you mean about good chuuuuch! If you aren't getting your forehead oiled and knocked down,then you ain't really doing nothing! LMAO
    PS. Don't forget to run around in laps too... But take your shoes off first!

  2. Anonymous5:32:00 PM

    I like a "spunky" service that's no lie. :)

    Wondering what the preacher referenced to about Bush. Did you hear it?

  3. I know that I have some nerve, but THIS does not constitute a blog. Thank you and good night.

  4. @Believer... I like a good service myself, but doggonit! This will be the point where I gather my things and tip out the door.

    We had the spunky services when I was growing up... I need my Word toned down these days (I must be getting old!) LOL...

    Oh, and it sounds like the preacher said "You ain't Bush, but you in Bush's league!"People had a problem with good ol' George, didn't they???

    @That Oldgirl LBeezy...Chile, you just gotta come over to the House of LadyLee and talk crazy, don't you!!

    Where is Oscar-Tyrone?

    Sic her, Oscar! Run that gal off my front porch!!!


    Sometimes, I just gotta steal stuff, Ma!

    And you know, Serenity posts 133283 times a day. I may go steal some of her stuff... She wouldn't even know it! LOL!!

  5. I'm laughing out loud at the convo between LB and Ladylee. Hysterical!

  6. Anonymous11:17:00 AM

    This video is hilarious! They were so serious. My side hurts!

    And it's that the devil's wife leaning on him?

    I don't recognize any of those folks but I wouldn't be surprise if I had one of my relatives through that shoe from the choir stand. Did you see that shoe hit the devil in the back? lol

  7. I saw this video a few months back -- one of my sisters sent it to me -- I thought it quite hilarious and played it twice.

    I am not big on theatrics in the church -- but I'm mindful that some folks may need it -- we are all not at the same place. I actually get a kick out of it all...Unless folks start acting really retarded.

    If this helped or helps his congregation --more power to him --I'd likely be rolling around on the floor laughing.

  8. This was too funny. I'm right there with Cyncere Sister, I'd be laughing so hard, they probably would put me out.


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