Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Morning Ramblings

Ah yes...

Another Monday Mernting.

The current temperature in the ATL is 62 degrees.

It is raining, so much to the point that I am wondering if we will EVER see the sun again.

This is that hard sleeping and slowly twerking kind of weather.


In other words, there is really no need to get out of bed.

And I am up EARLY!! I woke up at 4:30 a.m.

I have a doctor's appointment today, so I arrived at work under the cover of darkness and POURING down rain at 6:00 a.m. I felt odd, since I don't usually roll up in here until 10 in the morning.

So, hopefully I will be alright... and not fall out asleep at my desk.

My appointment is at 3:20 p.m., and I can't eat anything all day. Oh well. I should be alright. I declare this here a day of fasting!!

My weekend: It was VERY uneventful. Couldn't do much since it rained cats and dogs. I got a lot of things done around the house. I worked on my budget and financial goals for the month. Yacked on the phone to a few friends. I watched a strange movie, The Reader. I finished a good book, Kisscut by Karen Slaughter. I even started on my book club book, The Soloist by Steve Lopez.

I began a new crochet project. Well, not really... just wanted to do a swatch to see if I could decipher the pattern. It was all gibberish to me, and I even brought it to work for my coworker Cowgirl Cre to have a look at. She taught me to crochet 10 years ago, so I just knew that SHE could figure out.

All she said was, "That's more than a notion, girl!"


Come ON, Cowgirl Cre!!!

So I was left to my own devices.

This is the test swatch.

Interesting. The chick who wrote this pattern must've been drinking real hard at the time because she don't know the difference between a comma and a period, and that makes a BIG difference in reading patterns.

I am the Queen of busted english, but if I noticed it, it must REALLY be bootleg.

I needed a drink while trying to figure this one out.

I want to send her a nasty email. But that would be wrong.

It ain't all that hard, though. I would just have to wrap my mind around making 936 little squares. UGH!! Shouldn't be a problem though. This would be a Christmas gift!

Like I said, I got much done around the house. Even the laundry. So when I was doing a few other things, waiting for a final load to finish drying, I come across this:

Kramer, the permanent houseguest, seems to like the laundry basket lately. I don't like this, as that dude has long hair and is shedding like a mutha!

Even after hearing me yell "Get your butt out off my clean clothes, man!", he just kinda went back to sleep.

And he didn't move, even after I ran up on him. Just looked at me with the sleepy face.

Let's say, he got snatched up. He looked at me like I was crazy, and went upstairs to hang out with my sister Kentucky.

Cats are a trip. I don't have this problem out of Oscar, as he is old, and does not care for my conniption fits!

Book Giveaway. I would like to thank everyone who put up with my Food-for-Thought Epiphany and Oldgirl Angst Festival last week over here at the House of LadyLee. I will do that every quarter. So much has happened this quarter, and we're a third of the way through the second quarter!

I've been wanting to do some giveaways, and

So, I wrote all the commenters names on index cards, shuffled them real good and made my sister draw a winner.

The winner is:

Yeah, that is hard to read...

So, the winner is:


Dreamy, I'll contact you for your info via email!

Great News: Uh-rah... I spoke for close to an hour and a half on the phone to one of the Original Oldgirls last night.

Seems as if she is getting married...

And it seems as if 1+1 = 3.

That's all I am saying.

Don't run around mentioning nothing on her blog, as she is in the middle of a career change of sorts right now. She don't want employers googling her and finding that out...


It ain't me...

And if you know it ain't you...

Then who could it be?

I'll let you pontificate...

Congrats girl... Good for YOU!

Got me over here cheesing hard like Buckwheat!


With that said...

I'ma need ya'll to have a good week... on purpose.



    Process of elimnation...I am not getting married and 1+1 does not = 3! Ha!

  2. @That Oldgirl Babz...You are welcome.

    No, don't wear it to the store. They will call the folks on you.

    So it ain't you. And it ain't me. Hmmm. Check your email. Give that chick a call. She wants to hear from you...

  3. I am an original old girl and it definitely ain't ME. WHy you gonna leave people hanging like that?

  4. It rained all weekend here too. I did nothing but literally lay on my couch. Felt good. My son and I were in our PJs all day Sunday.

    So it's not Lovebabz or Serenity. That leaves 5 people but one is a dude so that makes 4. Hmmmm...I know one Oldgirl has been asked before for her hand in marriage. Hmmmm.....

  5. Knock, knock...just dropping by to visit your blog. Pleeease stop the rain before my family comes to ATL in a couple weeks. Pleeease!

  6. It's not me either, kids.

  7. @Serenity3-0... It ain't you, Serenity? Thought it was you, Gal! LOL

    @That Southern Black Gal... Sometimes I think thre's such a thing as TOO much rain!!

    And it ain't THAT Oldgirl. Keep thinking! LOL

    @MOMSWEB... Trust me, if I could make it stop raining, I surely would. It's waaaaay too much!

    Thanks for stopping by:)

    @Chele... Thanks for clearing that up, Chele!!

  8. Well whoever it is, it sounds like congratulations are in Congrats mystery woman!!

    I'm glad you're going to keep with the food for thought, I really enjoyed them.

  9. Um, why Chele had to call us kids? LOL! And Ladylee since you think it's me, then send me a pink and white blanket then.. And a gift card to Target. No diapers though.. LMAO Oh adn some cookies b/c the baby needs nourishment.

  10. Because I'm the oldest one up in here! LOL

  11. @Aretha... Yes, congratulations indeed!!

    And you like my Food-for-Angst? GLORY!! We will continue those quarterly!!

    @Serenity3-0... Chicken, you're gonna have to lay a egg, i.e., I better see the actual positive EPT test before I raise one finger to crochet a baby blanket for you! LOL

    @Chele... Tell that chick, Chele!! Tell her!

  12. Ladylee - I hate to tell you, but it's no longer monday and your blog still says, "monday morning... yada yada." hell where is the newest blog?

  13. @Serenity...

    Leave me alone!!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Okay, these comments are cracking me up to the point where sleeping family may wake up.

    So who is it?


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