Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Morning Breakfast!

Whoooo chile...

It sure does feel good NOT to have to go to work today!


And as celebration of me being off, and congrats to the men and women who serve this here United States of America, I decided to cook up a mighty, mighty fine breakfast.

Mighty fine indeed.

And for those of you who have to work today?


You mean, there's someone who has to work today?


That don't matter. Just come on by the House of LadyLee and run on in and fix your plate. You can leave your car running. One of the "locals" will GLADLY watch your car while you make a to-go plate.

(Better get your food fast or your car will be gone and sold).

Now I myself won't be partaking of much of this breakfast.

Only fruit and rice milk for me in the mornings...

But I know no one wants join me and sip on the refreshing rice milk, with all these vittles up in here!

So, you know how I do...

*LadyLee lighting the fireplace since it's cold in the mornings in the ATL*

Time to get your eat on!

We got the fresh fruit!

I myself plan on diving into the mangoes and strawberries.

I suggest you all put a little fruit on your plate.

Some of ya'll need to get "regular".

We have grits, eggs, sausage, bacon...

We got the golden brown waffles for you!

Oh my! I can feel the "itis" setting in!

As always, LadyLee's world famous salmon and biscuits are ready. (Don't think you gonna eat off my good plates. Pick up a paper plate, please.)

There's plenty of high pulp orange juice, 100% fresh, not the bootleg, straight from my juicer!

If you don't want juice... oh, we have wine (that's for Serenity30. She likes a glass first thing in the morning, ya see.)

For you sedity peeps, who like a cocktail in the morning... we have mimosas...

Now that's how we put it DOWN, babes!

Breakfast was good, wasn't it?

Now, don't look for dinner. I'm not grilling out today. I'm getting back in the bed, and I'm watching one of the Law and Order marathons... ALL day long, honey.

If you're not down with the program...

Well, you ain't gotta go home.

But you must raise up OUT of the House of LadyLee!

Really though.

Don't let the doorknob hit cha where the Good Lawd split ya!

Get on outta here!

And have a great holiday... on purpose!


  1. Whew, now this is my kinda get-together :-). Found you by way of Keith. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Thank you for never forgetting...

    You are appreciated.

  3. Thanks LadyLee. That breakfast was mighty tasty!!! Packed me a to go plate and nibbling on my salmon and biscuits right nah!!! Dang why can't you live in Chicago????

  4. Anonymous10:13:00 PM

    WOW! Today I counted my high calorie breakfast and it was not nearly as good as this. You sure know how to cook!

  5. Anonymous11:43:00 PM

    Uh, not sure why I was not invited to the Memorial Day Coronary Artery Disease Breakfast...perhaps my invitation was lost in the mail? Anyhoo...I am most disappointed, but I will allow you to make it up to me...I am a US Army Vet u know!
    the good nurse

  6. OMG!...You do know that breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day! and it is not limitted to morning!


    And still wrapping myself in my beautiful is still chilly here in New England :)

  7. I got full just looking at that spread! Wish I was there for that one.


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