Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Snapshot of your Future

I really need to post, don't I?

I only have Food for thought stuff...

Having been feeling great lately... I was sick as a dog last night...

I need to get my mojo, my smurfiness back!


But I have something that my friend Green-Eyed Bandit sent to me awhile ago. She has the bestest church notes in the world. (She better be careful that I don't steal her church notebook).

But this is something that has stayed on my mind. She was telling me about it, in relation to a post I wrote some time ago. I told her to write it up for me, and send it. She continuously hollers about her mathmetician background, but that is alright. Send it anyway, I replied.

So some Bandit Food-for-Thought for ya...

A snapshot of your future is taken with the people you are walking with now:

With that said...

There are 3 types of people in your life:

Yesterday people – people you are never going to hook up with again. Have you ever looked at some old pictures and noticed some of the people are no longer in your life? And your next thought is I am glad I don’t hang with them anymore. These are the people you are never to hook up with again.

Today people – These are the "right now" people. These are the people that, when somebody ask you about him/her you say “the verdict is still out”. This is somebody who likes you for the person they met. These are the people who say you changed when you started growing and try to make you feel guilty for growing and maturing.

Future (Tommorow) people – These are the folks that celebrate you. Whatever you say they are believing in you, for it to happen even if they don’t believe it (that thing you are believing for). They also have skills. They bring something to the table. It is a give and take relationship.

Yeah... that's what's hot.

That gives you something to think about.

We can all tell who you are and where you are going by the type of people you hang around. They affect how you feel about yourself, and where you are going in life.

As a matter of fact, we can see your future VERY clearly based on the people that you surround yourself with.

As for me, I want to be a "tomorrow" person. I always want to be believing in my friends, and I always want to be of encouragement to them. I never want to bring anyone down, or be critical of them when they are trying to better themselves...

As I get older, I ONLY surround myself with tomorrow people. That is it. There are NO exceptions to that rule.


There are 6 billion people on this earth. Give me just a handful that are in my corner and vice-versa, and I am cool with that. Very cool indeed. Ain't gotta be buddy-buddy with everyone.

Heck, might have an Oldgirl spiralling in the wrong direction!

What about you?

My vision board contains my vision statement for my life, and one of the most important things on there is...

I am incredible assest to my friends.

I continuously work on this. I, of course, am growing in this area. And I am hopefully getting better at it.

Again... what about you?


  1. I need more future people...*sigh*

  2. Anonymous4:04:00 PM

    I can honestly say I'm a very good friend and I expect for my friends to be the exact same way. Because of this, I know plenty of "today people".

  3. @Ali... Go get yourself some future people, girl!

    @Southern Black Gal... Go get yourself some future people too, chile!

  4. Speaking of future people...ya know, I was gonna call you last night but I thought "Nah,I need to take a nap before I call Lis because if I fall asleep while talking to her, she's gonnna rip my face off". So I passed. Glad I did...I wouldn't have wanted to hear you all sick and stuff.

    But ya know I just love ya My Partna!

    Glad you're feeling better.

  5. I think that I have a mix. Interestingly enough, a lot my high school friends are "future" people. I also think that even though you and I met through blog, that you are most definitely a "future" person. :-)

    But a lot of people that I meet as I get older seem to be "today" people.

    Allow me to congratulate you on making this short and sweet!

  6. Hmmm that was an enlighting post.

    Going through some troubling times with friendships right now.

    I might have to jack this post!

  7. I believe that there is exactly ONE yesterday and today person in my life right now. I dunno know if I could carry on without my future folk...


    I like the way my mind turns around on this post!

    Hhhmmm.... :)


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