Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random thoughts

I don't have much to blog about... well, I do, but I just don't feel like loading up pictures!

Credit Cards. Is anyone getting these strange "Dear John" letters from their credit card companies? You know, the ones where they slice your limit down to nearly nothing and they raise your interest rate to some ungodly high rate?

What did I do to deserve this? I am getting busted down left and right. UGH.

That is okay, though. I am glad that I am a member of the Financial Freedom Fighters, i.e., Triple F Possee, going on three years strong! I have around 10 credit cards, and only 1 or 2 have a balance. They will be paid off before the year is out, or even before the summer is over.

So credit card companies... you know what you can do with your "Dear John" letters.

Farrah Fawcett. Have ya'll been watching the news? I think she is on her death bed, ya'll.

I knew she was sick, but her peeps been hollering for the past couple of years "She's alright, don't believe the tabloids, blah, blah, BLAH! " She's been walking around saying that she is okay.

All of a sudden, some big documentary on her life is coming on on Friday night.

And I knew something was up when they snatched that boy of hers out of jail and took him to whereever she is. He was all shackled up, going to see his mother. And the convo they had, uh... that sounds like a very last convo to me.

But this 2 hour documentary... How do you have a memorial BEFORE a person passes away?

What is that old saying? Give me my flowers while I am still here, not when I am long gone.

So I guess that's what's happening. I don't expect her to make it to summer, the way they talking. Sigh.

Miss California. She kept her crown. That doesn't suprise me. They found some racy pictures of her. She said that the wind blew open her shirt, and the photographer took pictures of the wardrobe malfunction.

These chicks can do no wrong can they?

What would've happened if that would've been one of "us".

Southern Black Gal, make sure you destroy the pictures of you swanging on a stripper pole before you run for Miss USA. Really.


Miss California caught flack for not approving of gay marriage. I have no problem with that. The chick is allowed to express her opinion. She just better know that if you go against what society says, you will pay the price.

And with that said, Vanessa Williams lost her crown 25 years ago because of some nude pictures.

Trump, be a big man and reinstate homegirl's crown.

It doesn't matter, though. Vanessa Williams has had a successful singing and acting career.

I don't remember any of the other Miss USA/Miss America Contestants over the years.

That goes to show you that the crown don't make the woman...

Work. Work sucks right now. I am actually having a good day, but management is tripping... they are tripping out on each other, for some reason. I hope they realize that people are around here watching the fiascos and talking about them.

Plus, I have been harrassed lately about not turning in packing slips for packages received.


Humph. Does that sound like rocket science to you?

I don't think so...

I am resisting the urge these days to stand out in the hallway of the job and yell at the top of my lungs


But that would be me getting over into negative emotions, running with my feelings. I am trying to get away with that, and act like I some sense.

And it is not a very nice thing to say... Serenity would think that I was being unladylike and not very cute.

I will just disappear. I create an itinerary for my day's work, and get caught up in completing that. When they run up on me, I will give short curt answers if I am harrassed.

I prefer to let them think that I am just a tad bit "touched", as the old folks use to say. That way, I won't be harassed (too much)!

So much for today's random thoughts... Hope your day has been going well!


  1. It's ok to be unladylike sometimes. Just get an alter ego and blame it on her. Whenever I need to cuss somebody out, I just switch my nametag to Vicki and keep it moving. Works wonders! LOL

  2. Anonymous11:23:00 AM

    Credit card..what's that?! lol I'm still paying on one I destroyed in college!

    Miss California didn't lose her crown. She actually resigned. Not sure why b/c the pagnent commission said they wouldn't take her crown away. I have no problem with her views about gay marriage. The "pink mafia" need to back up. Not everyone believe in gay marriage.

    All pictures are destroyed. My future husband might be the president oneday. I can't have nude pics of me floating.

  3. Yes, I've gotten those Dear John letters. That pissed me off, but I got them. I told one to just cancel my account, and the other, I paid the card off. Now, I use it just enough so they won't cancel it. That'll teach them! Hahaaa

  4. @Serenity... Oh goodness, I forgot about Vicki.

    LadyLee is my alter ego. And she is smurfy... So, uh, I'ma have to just have a lil' self-control!

    @That Southern Black Ga...I think you are talking about the chick that runs the Miss California program thingy. SHE is the one that resigned.

    And glad you got rid of the nude pics. I don't want candidate Pookie Jackson having any problems because of YOU.

    Credit cards: I JUST paid off the one that I got when I was 18, in college. 21 years later. SIGH. And they are the main one NOT sending "Dear John" letters.

    @Kayla... Well, I am getting hit with the one-two punch... busting downe the credit limit AND jacking the interest rate WAAAY up. I am being punished for my good credit. BUSTERS. Anyway, that will be taken care of this year sometimes. They can go jump in the lake once I finish paying it all off. HUMPH.

  5. One of my Credit Card companies told me that they were canceling the card as of when I got the letter. I didn't have a balance or late payment. Nothing like that..The bank that serviced the card was going under,so they were
    dis-continuing the card. All that means is that I have two credit cards instead of three.

    Yeah, I think Farah Fawcett isn't long for this world either. Can't have a Charlie's Angel's reunion without her.

    Miss California- Yeah, the wind blew her shirt up or open or whatever..That kind of thing happens to girls everyday.(And I for one am glad of it!-lololol-just kidding.)

  6. Have not owned credit cards in a decade ;) Pay as you never owe :)

    Your random thoughts are HUGE! But then you scientist types have big brains...always got something turning in them :) I like that about you!

    Enjoy your weekend! Oh and I am so in love with my afghan :)

  7. @Keith... Thank the Lawd for finanical saviness. Let em' cancel the cards! Ain't using it anyway! HUMPH.

    I'm looking at Farrah thinking, well, maybe all will be well... but it's not. It makes me pause when I see icons that I watched on TV as a child leave this life. It is very daunting.

    And Miss California with the shirt flying open! I was thinking, Yeah, the dudes don't mind that one! How very special and convenient!!!



    Or should I say LINUS!!!

    I'ma need you to put the afghan DOWN. I know you like it. But put it down, Babz. You getting like Linus. Put it down.

    These random thoughts were suppose to be SHORT. I guess not. My brain is too big... LOL.

    "Pay as you go... you never owe."This needs to be my new mantra! LOL

    And remember... put the afghan down, girl. Put it down.

    However... I am glad you enjoy it. Really glad.


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