Friday, February 25, 2011

Food for Thought: Big Bark

One day a couple of weeks ago, when I was being chauffered home from work by my coworker the Infamous Hen-Dog, we ran up on a small white dog, no more than 10 pounds, standing in the middle of the street barking HARD at a couple of people (in their own yard, at their OWN house, mind you) who were washing there car.

We all just kind of froze, and watch this dog bark.

"Look at his little butt," I said, "trying to bogart like a mutha!"

We laughed at that dog, standing strong in the middle of the street regulating ish...

But we waited for him to finish. He did a minute later, then walked back to his own yard...

Another day, I was watching the Mayor of my hood Snake lay out some pine straw around my bushes and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something white moving towards me.

Scared the hell out of me so bad that I jumped!

There is NOTHING worse than seeing something out of the corner of my eye like that. First thing I thought was "A RAT!"

But no, it was that doggone dog. It resides 2 houses up from me. It had walked down to my yard. Got within two feet of me and started barking up a storm!

Snake and I just stood there and looked at it.

The dog barked HARD, then after a minute, walked back to it's own yard...

The other day, I was fidgeting with my keys, trying to get into the house and the dog walked up again. Had the nerve to walk up on my porch. It seems to have some type of method: sneak up on you, and then just start straight up GOING OFF.

I could only imagine what this dog is saying:

"Wassup Oldgirl? My name is Rock, and I am new to this block. Just want to let you and er'body else know that I run this street, and don't you or your cat forget it!! Ya hear me?"

Both Oscar and I stood there, in the door, just watching it. Poor Oscar-Tyrone had a most peculiar look on his face, as if to say... "Goodness gracious, what IS that and why is it so angry!?"

The dog finished it's mini rant, then turned...

...and walked away.

There's a lesson in there somewhere...

We've been picking on that little dog, laughing and pointing everytime we see him... "Look at him, trying to bogart, with his little self! Trying to run things! What does he think he is, a pit bull or rottweiller? He ain't nothing but a little mutt!!!"

I made a comment on that Platinum Card carryin' Original Oldgirl Chele's site yesterday, an old quote I heard years ago...

“It’s not what others think of you, it’s what YOU think of YOURSELF that matters.”

Really though.

Imagine all the things we could accomplish in this life if we weren't so caught up in what people would think about us if we pursued our personal dreams or goals...

Humph... Ponder THAT for the weekend.

I know I will...


  1. Single Ma7:12:00 PM

    That dog is the baddest thing in the neighborhood and you KNOW it! Keep right on and he's gonna poop in your hard. Look at him in that 3rd pic - that was his warning. LOL!

  2. Imagine all the things we could accomplish in this life if we weren't so caught up in what people would think about us if we pursued our personal dreams or goals...<----yes yes yes!!!


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