Friday, February 18, 2011

Thoughts on Purpose, Part II

For Part I, see Thoughts on Purpose

Dedicated to my "Play Mama"---Blogger and Twitter sista Adrienne


My church, WCCI, just celebrated our 25th church anniversary.

It started with 8 lone members back in 1986... now some 40,000 members between the ATL and Manhattan campuses, and the satellite churches. GLORY!

I like my church. This is my 9th year of membership, and it's been great for me. Maybe I will do a post on why I go there, one day. But today's not that day, honey!

For now, I am just thankful to God for giving me a pastor with some of the same emotional issues I have. As a result, I've made great strides in working through them, especially when he teaches out of his own issues.

*blank stare*

(You didn't think it was all about money, did you? *lee raises eyebrow* lol)

Moving right along!

We gonna stay on target, and keep talking about


Anyway, as usual with church anniersaries, there's always a someone who comes in and preaches for the anniversary, thereby allowing the pastor to sit back and relax.

This year we had a minister from Nigeria, Pastor Sarah. She pastors a large church in Nigeria. It was her husband's church, but he passed and she had to get in there and head it up.

So she preached this year.

Very good sermon. Me and sister watched on the internet. Didn't go to church because my pastor was calling folk hollering about come to church because Karen Clark-Sheard was going to be there. This means ALL the negroes who don't go to my church gonna show up. That means crowded. BUMP that. That's how it was with Yolanda Adams and Donny McClurkin. When the stuff is FREE, negroes come out the woodworks!

But Pastor Sarah showed up on the scene... in full African garb, so shocked and honored to preach for our churches 25th anniversary.

She said she had to pinch herself, had to look at herself in the mirror... She felt like she was Michelle Obama.

It was the first time I ever heard an African do that real chant, you know, that high pitch


(I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes when she did that. I was watching the stream over the internet, and had to turn around and look at the laptop! What the world!!)

Let me tell you how thankful she was: she spent a whole hour giving honor to the pastor, his family, his best friend, his kids, assistant ministers, deacons, church mothers, etc...

But what really shocked the cheese out of me and my sister and LadyTee (who actually was at the service) was that she presented each of the members who were members that first year of the church and were still there now (some 60 members), with a $1000 dollars a piece.

She just wanted to show some honor.

(This was revelation to the Oldgirl. I have a post coming up on "HONOR" soon).

Wow. What a treat to come to church and walk off with some cash in your pocket. LAWD.

Interesting sermon. Me and my sister Kentucky talked about it. Pastor Sarah said she wanted to pretend that the pastor wasn't there and just talk among "us" and talk of how we all go through problems, but we will come out of it.

Interesting indeed.

But I'm not going to talk about that.

We had a women's fellowship meeting the next night, which was my birthday.

And Pastor Sarah was preaching for that meeting.

So, as a birthday gift for myself (along with taking a MONTH off from work, lol), I decided it would be nice to throw on my sweats and sneakers and roll up in this meeting.

Interestingly, the topic of her sermon was

When I am at My Best: A Woman's Purpose

(You see what I'm talking about? Whatever I'm praying by at the time, somebody gonna be talking about it. I'm down with that, man.)

Passage of interest. Genesis 2: 15-22

A woman is not an afterthought, or came into existance through default. She was a breakthrough idea in God's mind.

You are the best of God's thought to solve any problem.

This means you are not a trouble maker, but you solve troubles.

A man was made from dirt, a woman was taken from bone, i.e., refined dirt.

A woman is taken from bone, this means she is strong.

However, we as women are taken from man for man. You are there to bring out the best in man, to help him fulfill his mandate and vision, to make him the king he is suppose to be, to bring out the greatness in him. And you are there to bring out the best in your children.

This is why there is trouble in your house when you are not supporting your man, but you are trying to take charge over your man and you are trying to take over and be the head.

When is a woman at her best?

1. When she is a helper. What we try to do is take over. It don't work. You're there to help him fulfill a vision. You are a key to his success. You have what's in you to satisfy his every need. You aid. You make sure you are on top of his game. You do not drain. You do not cause or bring stress. You are annointed to solve problems. You remove burdens and destroy yokes. You are useful and profitable.

2. When she has others on her mind. You're at your best when you are not preoccupied with yourself. Your man and your children should be on your mind. His worries should be on your mind. You are created by design to take care of issues.

Our problem is that we are not content with our portion. The "How about me" attitude is the beginning of trouble.

When you are carried away about others, God will be carried away about you. God has your back, when you are like this.

It is NOT all about YOU. When it is, you are cantankerous and others don't want to deal with you. Work on your selfishness and ridding yourself of it.

You're at your best when you are giving others the advantage.

3. When she's under authority. Ephesians 5:22; 1Peter 3:1-6 You're at your your best when you are submissive. To your husband and to the Word of God.

4. When her affairs and household are in order. She referred to Proverbs 14:1. I looked at 20 different translations of this verse. And here are the ones that stuck out to me:

NIV Proverbs 14:1 The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

CEV Proverbs 14:1 A woman's family is held together by her wisdom, but it can be destroyed by her foolishness.

GWT Proverbs 14:1 The wisest of women builds up her home, but a stupid one tears it down with her own hands.

I think that verse says it all... Keep an orderly household. And I think this mostly refers to keeping it from being emotionally and mentally chaotic, in addition to ridding it of physical chaos.

That's it for notes. I actually have handwritten notes, but I actually bought this CD yesterday, and sat here and listened to it early this morning so I could type it up in more detail. There was a bit more to it, but that above is the general premise/detail of it.

I posted that up just for YOU.

But more for ME.

My pastor's wife, who runs a pretty good women's fellowship program, put together a pretty good affirmation from her own notes that night. And here they are.

I am at my best
Because I solve problems
I'm not a trouble maker

I am at my best
Because I bring out the best in others

I am at my best
Because I am a helper
Because I bring out the greatness in my spouse

I am at my best
Because I am a helper
I provide what is necessary

I am at my best
Because I serve and wait on others

I am at my best
Because I help others rise to the top.

I am at my best
Because I am useful
And I aid and comfort others
I am at my best

The world does NOT revolve around me.
It is NOT all about me.

It is about the kingdom
And giving others the advantage

I thank you Lord that
I am a woman who is on a mission
And I am at my best.

I dare you to print that paper on a piece of paper and stick it up on your bathroom mirror and ponder it while you brush your teeth or put on your makeup. Makes me feel better about my self-worth and value just reading it here.

Man, I thought this was all so strong...

Whether you are a single woman or a married one, I know you see so much of yourself in that.

I see so much of what I just posted here in so many of you.

And I see so much of what was said above in my own self.

To be continued...


  1. Jennifer8:37:00 AM

    thank you for sharing this with us, especially the notes from Mrs. D.... I appreciate it today! Hope you're thoroughly enjoying your month!

  2. Ahhh beautiful!!!

    I used to be that lady in proverbs 14:1. Some years back I was tearing my house down. Literally. It took me going through some ROUGH stuff to actually realized it wasn't about me.

    I didn't like it one bit, but once I came to terms with it and actually figured out what I was SUPPOSED to be doing and left all the foolish stuff alone, things fell into place!

    Tony will get onto me sometimes because he doesn't know about a certain issue going on with the house or the kids. I don't involve him in stuff I can handle. If I can't handle it THEN he knows about it. I don't want any added stress on him.

    God has blessed him with a WONDERFUL job and IMO, all he needs to do is go to work, come home and rest. I do the rest of it while I'm home. I TRY and keep our home a peaceful place. Where he (and anyone else) can feel at peace and comfortable here.

    I got critized a LOT because of it...talking about I'm spoiling him. Umm nope. I'm taking care of him the way a wife is supposed to take care of her husband. I read this book called The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace and it opened up my eyes to a LOT that I wasn't doing correctly. I think its great for women married or single.

    I think now Tony and I both are walking in our purpose...we both rededicated our lives to God and I can't tell you how blessed we have been in just this short amount of time.

    Ok, I'm done blogging in your comments lol

  3. :)
    I will add that, the book I mentioned is good ONLY if you are ready to have your toes stepped on. Some of that stuff had me like O_o. But it was one of the best books (next to the bible) that I've ever read. It changed my life.

  4. Welp, you've done it again. I took notes and am going to keep them close to me at all times. Another excellent one sis!

    I think one of the issues for me is that I take care of my household and then say "well what about me" I need to realize that God sees all my doings and my work is not in vain, it shouldn't be about ME.

    I'm also going to check out that book that Adrienne recommended.

  5. @Jennifer... Glad you liked, honey. I thought it was worth sharing! I see sooooo much of you in those words. I truly do.

    @Adrienne... You have free reign over in the house of LL.. That's why u my Mama! Blog away in the comment section! LOL

    I bought u a copy of that CD. She got a little over into what u just blogged about in my comment section, cuz she was just like u. I'll get it in the mail to you!

  6. Though I am not married I have been charged with taking care of my family since my mom passed. At times I have been so disgruntled and angry about it that I did not know what to do. With this serier and Adrienne's comments, I see that is my purpose, my role in this family.

  7. How inspiring (and thought provoking). I have been the foolish woman but am well on my way to becoming the wise woman. And yes, I am his helpmate! :^)
    ::::walking away to tape affirmation to my bathroom mirror:::::

  8. A woman's work is never done. To be honest, reading all that made me feel tired. I guess being a single mother and doing so much has taken a lot out of me. Some women won't admit that though.

    This was a hard post for me to read.

  9. @Shai, @this1woman, @mzinspiredmind...

    I think we all need to take this in the spirit it was offered. Us laboring, doing all that we do, is born out of who we are and created to be. Even in our frustration we tirelessly do what we do because we want the best for our family and those around us. PERIOD. All of us would *gasp* at the thought of throwing our hands up and walking off. That is just not who we are. Period. We desire for our families to be at their best. We all do. The joy and pride we have wheen things go well is testament to that.

    I think it's when we get over into selfishness, the extreme "Forget u, what about me" mentality, that's when our "houes" fall apart. That's how I look at it all...

    Just from knowing ya'll, and reading ya'lls words... I see so much of what I wrote above in each of you. So take solace in that.

  10. I'm Late...catching up...I cried..and You know I cry at weird things...including cartoons :D
    I cried because it hit home...right out the gates when you stated the title of her message...didn't stop until I finished reading. I accept the challenge...and I'm writing- and I abhor pen and paper :D This HIT the target...stuff I've been fighting for YEARS...and yet stuff I'm quite comfortable with that brings me peace when I yield...I'm such a HARD head!

  11. After stalking your blog for some time now, somehow I already knew that you were a world changer. Perhaps it was the world changer in me that recognized it (member from 1998-2009).

    I have truly enjoyed reading your posts on purpose and I pray that they will enlighten the minds and hearts of others to seek out their reasons for being. Besides being called to be the Proverbs 31 woman, each of us have unique God-given gifts and talents that we were equipped with to carry out His will.

    Continue to walk in your anointing!

  12. Anonymous2:43:00 AM

    Screamin, shoutin Amen! Lord, this message really hit home. You are amazing, a true teacher to those of us seeking truth.. mary


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