Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Night Special... The LadyLee Holiday Continues

Good evening, Oldboys and Oldgirls!

LadyLee Tuesday night special... Since I didn't blog this morning.

So I guess I will write this evening.

I doing it big like the Queen of England.

I'm on Holiday!

(And I say that with my best English accent).

My goodness! The last 2 days have been uber busy. I sort of need a veg out day. Sigh.

Monday. I went to the bank to bust somebody up about some charge coming up on my grandmother's debit card. $12.99 a month. No it aint' much, but it adds up... doggonit!!

I also went and bought some blinds. Yeah, yeah, I'm being a lazy one with the paper and vinyl blinds. The goal is to try to put some up myself. Not working out all that great right now, trying to put a set up over the sink. If I get one right, I will be okay, and do more. That's my home improvement goal of the vacation: put up some blinds... doggonit.

My sis turned me on to this place that sells an incredible cinnamon type incense. The catch is it is sold at a place that uh.. If you go in the back section of the store, they display the most eclectic imported glass crack pipes and bongs for weed. Me and my sister have interesting convos about this.

"I found that place, man. You were right. It is interesting!"
"Lisa, I told you, the front of the store is a front for some mess going on in the back."
"Yeah girl! If you need a fancy crack pipe, that's the place to go."

"And something else be going on in the back room behind the curtain, Lee. I bet they sell them bath salts back there. Be snorting them. Soemthing goes on behind that curtain!"

I was thinking this myself. I've been in there twice, and I found the curtained area... mysterious. I would've loved to pull out my camera. You may have never seen me again, though."

"All I know, Kentucky, they were playing some serious Outkast up in that joint."
"I don't know about all that, but those white people are up in there deep."
"Yep. I was the only black person. That place is a trip!"

I'm sure we will make more visits. And more observations of the white people purchasing their special paraphanelia.

Tuesday... a long long day!!!

1. I got my taxes done!!! GLORY! I have the worst girl crush on the chick that does my taxes. Ooooh I just love her to death! Got me sanging Jodeci!

"I can't leave you alone!! You got me feenin'! Got me Feeenin for my Money!!!"

I was so excited to see her. I smile alot. My eyes glaze over. I'm swooning.

She's like "Uh, Lee... this is because I deal with your money. I don't excite you."

I think that's it. When I see her, I think "MONEY!!!!!"

*handing that chick my bank routing number*

When I left from getting my taxes done, I vacuumed my car out at a nearby gas station. Why, tell me, was I watching the news tonight, and there was some police shoot out at that same gas station? Right out front, where I was vacuuming out my car?

Sigh. And I remember doing it, and making sure to look around every once in awhile, making sure a sucka don't run up on me and rob me! Humph! A shoot out with the polices! WoW.

2. Field Trip! Field Trip! I took a coworker, my friendly workplace librarian, on a field trip to the local Natural co-op where I like to shop. We had a good time. She even brought along another coworker. So that was fun. I felt so helpful, giving them a tour of the store that I LOVE!!

3. Doctors Appointment. I don't like doctors appointment. But alas, I must go. I have to drive 30 minutes south of ATL, so I don't care for that. But that's okay. Gotta stay on top of the chronic!

I've lost 8 pounds since the last doc appt. Not sure how that happened. I don't feel it. But oh well. Maybe I'll be like some of my fella sistas and go pick up a dumb bell or something,

I love the guy who takes my blood. He is hershey bar dark. (I like dark-skinned-ed men!). He has gold teeth in his mouth. And he has prison green tats.


But oh so gentle with sticking that needle in my arm. Sigh.

A good visit overall. I was more concerned about lining up my meds for my trip. I ain't tryna be on that boat and run out of meds. *lee throws self off side of ship*

So that's it for your Tuesday night special.

The rest of the week MAY be food for thought concerning purpose...

Hmm... we'll see. I want to type up a few church notes on that. Take a look at a few thangs.

On that note... stay tuned...

And enjoy your evening!


  1. I have to get my blood drawn next week. Sure would be nice if I had something nice to look at while I was getting stuck ... no such luck.

  2. LOL @ Sexy.Dangerous! I almost choked on my water!

  3. Anonymous4:25:00 PM

    girl im tired from reading all that-- you too busy for a vaca!!

  4. BABAHAHAHAHAH @ sexy dangerous lol

    It's bad because I can see you writing a story about him....LOL
    What happened that he went to prison and got those tats!?!? HUH HUH? LOL


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