Thursday, February 10, 2011

A LadyLee Holiday report... Thursday edition

Man, I wanna blog, but my mind is a BLANK!

Either that or I have too much on my mind to be trying to blog about.

Anyhow, we'll go random.

I had a good day yesterday. When I'm off, I like to catch morning bible study services. I get a chance to hear our assistant ministers preach and they are ALWAYS interesting. Yesterday, Minister Phillips, who is like, a MASTER on the subject of personal identity crisis preached. Very interesting. Everything with him leads back to correcting personal internal identity issues. WOW.

Afterwards, me and my BFF LadyTee, her mama Bobbie Jean, and her daughter Milk-Milk, went to this backwoods country buffet.


It is called Charlie's Country cooking. Something like that. Out in Fayetteville somewhere.

They had

Fried chicken, fried whole catfish, fried whiting, steak and gravy, mash potatoes, fried green tomatoes, black eye peas, cabbage, collard greens, green beans, sweet corn, sweet potato souflee, a HUGE salad bar, rice, cole slaw...

*lee takes deep breath and keeps talking*

Corn bread, rolls, hush puppies, cheesecake, peach cobbler, cake, sweet tea, lemonade, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream...


All for $6.50. All you can eat.



Everything was really good. Not cooked with pork or smoked turkey. Very fresh and not greasy at all! And with this vegetarian thang I'm tryna do, I like stuff cooked fresh.

I was with Bobbie Jean at the buffet, filling my plate with veggies.

"What, you don't eat meat, Lisa Anne?"
*lee shrugging, salivating over the veggies* Try not to. If I do these days, it's on the weekends.
"Fish ain't meat!"
"It's got eyes, Bobbie Jean. It's got eyes!"
"It ain't meat!"


Oh lawd. This meant I had to get a piece of fish. It was GREAT. If you like catfish, go there. Perfectly fried. But shoot man... they will be seeing me for huge plates of veggies!!!!

LadyTee has always hollered about "We bout to go over to 'The Spot'".

So now, I know where "the spot" is.

Let me tell you something else... when you see a bunch of elderly white folk running up in a place, moving fast, moving slow, kicking out the walkers and the canes...

Yeah... you wanna check that place out. Old white folk find good places and support them.

That is all.

After that, I went yarn shopping. Then I went to the bookstore.

And yesterday, all that was perculiar. Whereever I was shopping, people were discussing some dire family drama, man. All out loud. They needed to use their inside voice, or their library voices.

I found all kind of interesting fodder for stories. Man. And wasn't looking for it. There was a lot of "Uh, excuse me, I need to get past here."

I wasn't eavesdropping. It's just that ya'll ninjas are in my way. MOVE. So I can go home before it snow!!

Thoughts went through my mind while listening, though.

Ma'am, I hope Lil' Ray act right. I know ya'll gonna talk to him when he get out of his Thursday ROTC meeting. Cuz he been over that gal's house everyday, won't come home. Ain't taking part of his resopnsibility. I'm glad you're here talking to his Grandma, who works in this store. She's gonna call him as soon as he gets off. "Straighten him out, I will!" she says.

And you sir, I hope that child support thing goes right. Yes, you told her she needed to do better about little Tommy. Yes, yes, I understand you just gottta know how to talk to a woman, make her understand. And you gotta make sure you pray about it. *His friend nods in agreement*

And you over there sir, in the Hobby Lobby Parking Lot. I know they won't answer the phone right now, over at your woman's house. But that is no reason for you to talk about getting in your truck and going over there and whooping someone's azz. (Man, I wish I could have heard the other half of this long convo).

3 great writing prompts, hunh?

Not using them as prompts or anything.

I'm just realizing that EVERYBODY got something going on in their lives. You either in the middle of a trial, celebrating over a triumph, climbing some big mountain, got something renting space in your mind... something.

We all got something going on.

And hopefully we will all get through it!

Really though.

Have a good day... on purpose.


  1. Dang!! All that for $6.50!! Thats why I LOVE going to KY to visit some of my fam..all the GOOD eating for the low low!

    I know you took some notes from bible study...may I see? *ahem*

    That's so very true about everyone going thru SOMETHING. My coworker and I were talking about some of the things that we go thru that noone knows an how much it affects us in everyway.

  2. In Fayetteville? Honey I live off 138, I can be there in 30 minutes! LOL If I weren't on this diet I would indulge something serious.

    Sounds like you're enjoying the vacay.

  3. @mzinspiredmind... Gal! If I can make sense of my notes, I will most definitely post them. Going to friday morning bible study. I think this is his week on rotation, so hopefully he continues with this. AND I want to buy the CD so I can listen to it again.

    $6.50 is the

    Yep everybody is going through. The key words here are "Going through". That means that it will be OVER. And that's all I can ask for.

    @Monique... Girl. Get the veggies! They were great, perfectly cooked! No grease. That's all I'm fooling with when I kick through! I go down that way to buy yarn, and I'll be right on up in there with them old folks! LOL

    I told my sis about it. She's in Peachtree city. We're going to take a jaunt down there one evening for dinter!

  4. $6.50? You know I'm going next time Im in ATL! LOL


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