Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Breakroom Ettiquette... Hmm...

Me and The CowgirlCre were putting our lunch away in the breakroom fridge this morning when we saw a most interesting sign hanging on the fridge door:

You can't see that all too well unless you blow it up.

Here's the list:

1. Clean up after yourself.

2. Do not pester coworkers about work.

3. If you empty it, you refill it.

4. Everything is first come, first served.

5. The refrigerator is for short term storage only.

6. Do not gossip.

7. Do not steal someone else's food.

8. Leave the seafood at home.

9. Learn how to make popcorn.

10. Take the whole cookie.


We were like, what is this.

And The CowgirlCre was a bit perplexed by #6 above in red.

Do not gossip.

Man, we hollered!

She started reading from the bottom up and didn't make it past #6.

"Look, LadyLee!" She pointed at #6 hard with her finger. "Look!"

We hollered some more.

I at least read the whole list... and wandered aloud who the heck put it up.

We still don't know.

I don't sit in the breakroom because of #2.

Do not pester coworkers about work.

Many years ago, when I was trying to eat in the breakroom, people would run up on me and ask questions. It was especially annoying when the boss ran up with a questtion.


I sit at my desk now.

But we are still stuck on the "gossip" part.

That's like telling people around here not to breathe.

And we know that ain't happening.

At the end, it has "A good Morale booster"!

So was it a joke or was it real?

Hmm. I don't know.

And I won't be hanging out in the breakroom to find out.

CowgirlCre pointed at #6 once again.

And we laughed. And walked on out of there.


  1. Im still stuck on #6!! LOL!!

  2. Much like Cre...I'm perplexed at # 6. LOL. That ain't happening.

    And why does somebody ALWAYS bring fish and stinks the break room up???

  3. That list cracked me up! Number 2 ain't happening around these parts. Somebody just brought crawfish to work. Folks are around here sucking da heads and pinching da tails like they're on the lake! LOL

  4. LOL burnt popcorn is the WORST.
    I used to work with a lady that would burn it on purpose lol.


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