Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Night Special...The Kentucky Cantina Edition

Good Monday Evening!

I had a great weekend, bursting at the seams with activity!

Saturday. I hung out with my sister Kentucky on Saturday. And that's always a treat.

She brought over some of the most interesting german chocolate brownie cupcakes. Look closely at the list of ingredients...

They contain spinach! LOL. And they were great. She's been raving about them!

She took me to one of her favorite restaurants in the East Lake/Oakhurst Village, The Matador Cantina.

I was a little skeptical about the skull above the door. Hmm...

But if Kentucky really likes a place, you best jump a fence trying to get in there, because that means it is REALLY good. She is a very particular diva. Very.

I was also a bit perplexed by the strange skull mural up on the wall...

Look a little closer...

That is very pretty and quite cool. A very creative mind came up with that. I would have never thought to place a skull in a flower motif. Never. Very pretty, very vibrant...

and there is a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

(But it had me thinking... Uh, where in the world has Kentucky taken me?? O_o)

There's that skull again... Got me antsy.

But Kentucky frequents this place. She loves the atmosphere. (It's very open. And there's rock music. I would appreciate some Earth wind and fire, though.) So you know I'm game.

Salsa, chips and bean and cheese dip were very good.

But I was VERY interested in the Vegetarian menu...

I had the last menu item, the 3 veggie tacos.

The strangest taco, the one on the far left, had a filling of black beans and plantains. That was WHOA! Soooo good. I would've never thought to put those two items in a taco together, but it was a great combination. I like the tofu and avocado one, and the refried bean taco, but I could've ordered 3 plantain/black bean tacos and I would've been just fine and dandy!

But it was great to hang out with my sister, and just talk. She let me chauffeur her around in Lucy the Lexus. (And rightfully so, since she negotiated my price for it, lol).

Now what's interesting is that the place is about 2 blocks from my father's house. My sister directed me that way. I was wondering if I would see him walking around. I've told him in the past that I had driven by his house, and if I saw him outside I'd holler his way. But he wouldn't know me.

"I would know who you are," he said.

"I am 39 years old, Milton. You wouldn't recognize me."

"Yes I would. I'll always recognize the baby."

O_O. That still makes me laugh REALLY hard.

Kentucky and our mother frequent that taco place, and they went walking around that neighborhood. I asked her why. And she just said that it was a reminescing type thing for my mother. And I think that was a good thing. That type of thing is always cathartic.

Must be hard to think on life over 40 years ago. Gotta be something else walking those same streets. Cathartic and hard.

(There's a writing prompt in there somewhere).

I love hanging with Kentucky. We are older now, and I gleen so much wisdom for her. Such a joy to have discussions with her. I come away a little smarter and wiser every time.

Now on Sunday? I spent the afternoon doing yardwork. I bought an electric hedge cutter some 2 weeks ago. All I gotta say is - Watch out now! Don't come near me when I have that sucker fired up and going. I ain't nothing nice!

I didn't wear myself out this time. Maybe it was the carrot-beet-kale-cucumber-apple juice I had that morning. Or maybe it was because Aunt Flo wasn't visiting at the time, like last time. I think the latter wore me out the last time. So that will not be the deelio ever again, mayne. Nerp.
But it was a pleasant weekend indeed.

I was remotely thinking about making this week a Food for Thought week. The first quarter of the year has passed, and I have been thinking about what I have learned so far in 2012. I won't promise that, as I have other things I want to post. But I will sprinkle some Food for Thought in the midst.

Song of the week. I LOVE this song. My sister absolutely HATES it.

Hilarious! *lee turns it up REAL loud in the car while we're driving just to annoy Kentucky*

I just really love really good pure singers... not these studio singers. Kelly Price is a pure singer. And this song tells an interesting story. I like that, man!

I hope everyone had a great weekend... on purpose...

And I hope you have a great week... on purpose!

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  1. @Ginae... Girl, your comments are coming straight to my email, and not to the comment section. I need you to update your 1989 texas instrument computer, Ma!


    My sister bought those brownie cupcakes at an outdoor farmers market in southside surburbia. We have open air Saturday markets in variuos communities around here. That was from an organic market that is open for a few hours on Saturday mornings.


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