Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Special: Saturday Seven... Thoughts:

I said I would post everyday. And that I will...

Seven things I'm thinking about on this Saturday night...

1. I have been in a funk all week. I think it's the weather, as it's been overcast all week.

2. I stayed in the bed until 5 pm today. Wait, no I didn't. I actually got up to hit the bathroom whenever necessary, and to make some juice, as I had NO appetite today. I had lettuce-apple-parsely juice for breakfast and tomato-carrot juice around 3. Nothing for dinner.

Somehow I think I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night, jump in the car and go a searching for a bowl of chitlins. Sigh.

3. I went to church tonight. In and out in an hour flat. I got a couple of good pages of notes. Most important thing I heard. Most interesting thing I wrote down:

"Wisdom is the ability to skillfully apply what you know."

I realize I know much, but I need to be consistent with the application of the knowledge. Go figure.

Me and my consistency problems.

4. I washed and folded 3 loads of clothes today. And I washed dishes. So maybe I did get out of the bed today for more than bathroom breaks and freshly juiced juice.

5. I had an hour long conversation with my sister Kentucky this morning. She wanted to know how to sautee kale. I broke down my usual version (even though I've been juicing it lately... hope I told her right). She's working hard on eating right, and getting lined up with the church fast.  I'm happy for her. Her big sister LadyLee is sitting over here going rogue.

6. There has been an interesting highlight of my so-so week. One of our security guards read my story Watch and he talked my ear off about it. I've never seen someone's eyes light up like that. I think I would've been late for work if CowgirlCre wasn't coming in at the same time and uh, highly suggested that I walk away.

We discussed the story in detail later on.

He said, "Man oh man, I am so glad and so honored to have met someone like you."

No, it wasn't a pick up line. But I've heard that before. And it shocks me. Because i'm just your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl, LadyLee. And I've heard it in the vein of me being such an incredibly unique individual. It is rare to meet someone with such a mind and heart and accomplishment level such as mine. And then I go off in some other direction and craft up stories... hmmm...

I feel that way about a few folks in my life. They are like points of light that waft through the darkness... and I'm increased and enlightened by them passing along my path, if only for a moment.
That just all made me think of that... and be thankful for that.

7. This song has been on my mind lately...

Here's the link to the video on youtube if you can't see it.

That doggone Pandora. Sitting in lab, crunching data, minding my own business, and this song made me pause.

Usually when this happens I'm thinking... hmm, that would add the layer I need to a particular story. But that's not really the case here.  Why?  Because I think this has been every woman's story at some time in her life. Not sure why, but it is so...

"Why does my body ignore what my mind says... I try to keep it intact but I'm up in this bed."

Hmm... You may be all perfect. But I ain't. And I'm not afraid to admit to it.

Been THERE. Done THAT. Numerous times.

It reminds me of a bit of advice I gave to my sister Kentucky at one time, and to a couple of other young ladies caught up off in some ratchetness with a man...

We all go through mess. But there is a time when you find that you get brutally honest with yourself and admit to yourself that you are caught up in some mess.... then, and only then (after you get over the embarrasment of what you going through with that fool... or maybe you're the fool in the situation) can you start the process of separating yourself from that which is not good for you and going on with your life.

That latter part is what's critical...

Getting your heart and mind back together... and getting YOU back...

And moving on.

That's what's critical..

We still talk about that. It's amazing how she remembers and holds on to advice I give her.  Getting my thoughts and opinion on anything is like pulling teeth and she has that knack of staying in my face until she gets my thoughts...

It's interesting the thoughts that some songs can trigger... and that wasn't even Jill's premise for the song. Hmm...

Those are my Saturday Seven Thoughts for this Saturday evening... didn't expect them to be THAT long.

I guess I'm thinking about much today...

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