Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Notes from the Peanut Gallery: Pam, Lucy, and the Houses

So my cars, Pam the Protege and Lucy the Lexus were parked in the driveway. Lucy usually stays in the garage, but I was doing some reorganizing in the garage and needed her out of the way. I had just finished cutting the grass, so it was a good time to get any garage and other outside chores done.

So I took a picture.

Pam and Lucy! Lucy and Pam!

This photo precipitated a few "Notes from the Peanut Gallery" conversations.

One of my coworkers, Lieutennant By, was a bit upset about the fence.

Lieutennant By: "Uh, look at that fence. You need to get out there and paint that."

*CowgirlCre and LadyLee look at Lieutennant By like he crazy*

Ladylee: "Boy stop! This ain't karate kid! Ain't nobody painting no doggone fence. When I find my hammer, I'ma nail up a loose board. That's it. Not painting a doggone thing!"


Now what's particularly interesting about this picture is not Pam and Lucy...

It's the two houses in the picture... the houses on the other side of the fence, the green house and the white house.

The white house is a church.

The green house is a bootleg house. My coworker Lady Lifetime frowned when I said that.

Lady Lifetime: "What's a bootleg house?"
LadyLee: "That's a house where you go get your liquor on Sundays when the liquor store is closed!"
Lady Lifetime: "Why can't they just get it on Saturday?" she asked.
LadyLee: *laughs hard* "Because it's cheaper. Good when you want one beer!"

Or some moonshine!

I understand why she asked. They just passed a law here in Georgia for Sunday liquor sales. I wonder where that leaves the bootleg houses scattered around the neighborhoods?


CowgirlCre and I thought of this a little differently.

LadyLee: "A bootleg house next to a church! That's funny!"
CowgirlCre: "Sure is!"
LadyLee: Folks come out of church hollering 'Pastor sho preached good! Woooo weee! I gotta have a drank after that sermon!"

Ha! Ha!

I'm sure that doesn't happen....


  1. The church sitting next to the bootleg house ... I love it.

  2. I'm sure it does happen... LOL

  3. I'm sure it happens as well. That sounds like a story Lee!! *heehee*

  4. Lee betta do what Lt. By said and get her wax on wax off on!! LOL!

  5. I can see people tipping out of church heading to the bootleg house.

  6. It's ok, unless of course the Pastor owns the bootleg house. ;-)


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