Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Night Ramblings


I am STILL on a quest to post every day! Every single day for 31 days.

Even though right now, I'm feeling like this:

I feel like he looks right now. It's how it is when I'm up all hours of the night on the weekend, and then I try to adjust. Not a good look..

Today was a good day. Quiet and slow... but good overall.

Something made me laugh today. Out loud.

I have a couple of glass bottles for my juice.

That's tomato juice. It is a bit pinkish. I always expect it to look like V8 juice, but it doesn't. Humph.

Anyway, I like my juice stored in glass rather than plastic. Tastes better, you see.

I was telling Lady Lifetime about this. "I need more glass bottles. I know where I may be able to get some. Up at a bootleg Sams up the street from me, where the ice cream man and restaurants get all their stuff. But I don't wanna buy a case of glass bottles, when I only need 4 or 5."

"Well," she said, her eyebrows raised. "I know what you can do."

I listened closely for her answer.

"Digging in trash cans, girl. Dumpster diving."

Okay. It took a second to hit me. I was thinking, uh... where's the punchline here.

She was serious.

Man, I laughed hard.


I always have a fear of being caught in some mess by someone, most notably LadyTee. That girl can jone like no other. She would never let me live that down. Wow!!

I can remember that that is how my mother got her boxes: driving back behind the grocery store and looking around the dumpster. Ugh. Didn't care for that at all.

Nope. No dumpster diving for me, man. I will just buy the occasional glass bottle of juice, drink it, and keep the bottle for my own fresh juices.

That sounds like a winner on this here Monday night.


That's it. Short ramble, even for me.

Have a good week... on purpose!


  1. Girrl!! You and I both know that Lady Tee would have a field day with that one!!! I wish I had been at my desk during that convo so I could have laughed too. I can clearly see Lady Lifetime saying that too!!

  2. Anonymous12:39:00 PM

    i'm laughing really hard....out loud....never seen you a but got a clear

    dee in san diego

  3. Anonymous10:45:00 PM

    What about using mason jars? I know the mouth is a bit wide, but you can easily buy a few of those at a time.

  4. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA and I love that pic of Oscar Tyrone! What did you do to him lol.


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