Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Ramblings

I'm not sure why I wait so doggone late to post.

Easier to post before bed.

I don't have the mind to put anything useful together right now. So I will ramble.

1. What I'm doing right now: I am laying across the bed. The ceiling fan is going and it's not helping. I am wondering if I need to go turn on the air conditioner. It is amazing that just earlier this week, I had to turn on the furnace because I was SO cold. This weather is so... ugh.

2. What Oscar-Tyrone the cat is doing right now. He is stretched out at the bottom of the bed. He appears to be sleeping, but his tail is flicking something awful. He must be dreaming hard about something.

3. What I'm watching right now: CSI: NY.  I love any show where some mess go down in the beginning, and the rest of the show involves figuring out what happen.  I love that!

4. What I'm about to do: Watch Beaches if Play Mama can get it together over there in Alabama. She's never seen it before. That's one of my favorite movies. What a tear jerker. I will watch with her on my kindle... if she can get it together and figure out how to work her DVD player. SMH. Come on, man. Before I get sleepy!

5. I have to go get groceries tomorrow. I am low on veggies. I don't want to have to eat Oscar's food. Bleh.

6. Today was Payday. I like Payday. Even though my bills are set to automatic. No fun in that. I would really like to ball 'til I fall.

7. Best thing I heard all week: "We have to pray, so we don't become prey!"  (thanks, Dee)

8. Books I'm reading right now: Idiots Guide to Plant Based Nutrition and Immediate Fiction.  Gotta eat right and I gotta write right, man.

9. I hate being lied to. Man, I just don't like that. Tell the truth. It's much easier. Humph.

10. Juice for the day: lettuce-beet-carrot-spinnach-apple. That's called throw whatever is in the fridge into the juicer type of juice.

11. Plans for the weekend: Clean up. Clean out the fridge. Wash clothes. Chores, chores, chores...

12. Song of the week:

That song can be applied to anything you like to do in life... and the people who hate on you for doing it.

13.  I did great this week. There were some ups and some downs, and that is okay.

Next week, I will do better... on purpose.


  1. yeah I just brought a juicer! Now I can be like you! Ain't that grand? Lol....

    Beaches is one of my all time fav movies too.

    Lawd I always end up crying bucket of tears. So cute how you and play momma gonna watch it together..

  2. Anonymous6:28:00 PM

    I have to confess I haven't seen beaches either....sounds familiar though...????

    Gonna look for it now...

    You're much as you've given me over the years...glad I could share a lil sumthin with you!!!

    Dee in San Diego

  3. Beaches had me AND Tony bawling SMH. When you have had a friend like that and you loose them? MAN. You don't find friends like that always. Once, MAYBE twice in a lifetime. YOu give good movie suggestions!


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