Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday Night Special

I meant to post something up this morning.

But it didn't work out that way.


I had a very nice weekend. And that is good because I had a couple of bad days last week. I don't know, I just don't care for my job that much anymore. I think it's because I've been doing too much writing. I've been really engrossed in that which I'm passionate about, and it makes me REALLY happy inside.


So sometimes the job becomes like walking in a room and seeing a smashed roach smeared in the middle of the floor...

You see how you just frowned up at the visual of that? Yeah, that's how I was feeling last Tuesday. Like "What the world?..."

It is very rare for me to feel that way. But when it happens, I am a bit ticked off.

I'd rather be writing.

Ugh. Thank goodness this is rare. And those are days when I think about the next day and how much better it will be.

Maybe we will chalk it up to PMS. Yeah, that's the ticket. And many people were off last week, most notably ones I look forward to seeing every day. If it wasn't for Lady Lifetime's presence, I think I would've slit my throat and jumped out the window.

And my boss came back today after a week off. You know it's not a good thing when I am excited to see management. STRANGE. I yabbered on about some things I got done last week like I was talking about the bargins I found at the mall. Yeah. Odd and strange.

Anyway, I had a very nice weekend.

Saturday. I went down to check on Play Mama, who had surgery last week. She is doing okay, and she is on bedrest. So I paid her a visit.

And I really needed to put Lucy the Lexus on the road. My sister says "Run Lucy out to Texas and back!"

But Texas is a good 12 hours away. Too far. Birmingham would have to do. A good 300 mile round trip is enough to let me know if Lucy won't stall out.

So I headed that way, and you know me... I come with a whole LOT of stuff. I brought cookies and lots of goodies from the Farmer's market, lots of staples and spices. Her mother, Grandma Donna, just had a birthday, so I had a care package for her.

That's where things got funny. We were all sitting in the den. Uncle Tony came downstairs and one of the kids asked "Is Grandma outside?"

He said yes. And like a herd of cattle, we all headed up the stairs hard and fast out of the den and out the front door. The girls were eager to show off the Easter dresses they'd purchased earlier that Saturday morning.

I'd been wanting to see her for a different reason. Not only to give her her gift, but to see her car.

She has the sports convertible Lexus.

(((ladylee's eyes glazing over like a drug addict)))

"I got a Lexus too, Grandma Donna!" I hollered, as I pointed a bit too hard at Lucy. "It's old, and not as nice as yours, but I got one too!"

"Yes, I see," she said. "And it's really nice."

*Lee cheesing EXTRA hard*


We were ALL excited to see her. She brought over food for easter. Made me want to spend the night so I could get my eat on too!

We sat and visited with the sick and shut-in for a little while.

But I was interested in that Lexus. I ran my hands across the soft tan leather. I wanted to rub my cheek against it, but thought better of it.

"Grandma Donna, this here is that real Italian leather,. It's from good Italian cows. The leather in my lexus is that Georgia leather. It's made from cows from Camp Creek Parkway and East Point, College Park. You know, the cows in the hood. My leather doesn't feel like this! This that good stuff!"

They laughed hard at me. But it was the truth.

It's the hard top convertible. She pushed a button, and the trunk opened backwards on a hinge and the hard hood folded and disappeared into the trunk.

"Whoa," I moaned, as I jumped back from the car. I had to blink back tears.

"It's like a bug, like one of those transformer bugs! It transforms!" Uncle Tony said.

"Sure is. I want one of those," I whispered.

What an experience.

We watched Grandma Donna drive off, and we all headed back in the house.

"Ya'll all left me!" Adrienne said later.

"Yes we did. It's alright. The dog stayed with you!"


We didn't do much. She's is on total bedrest. We crocheted and knitted, and watched movies on the biggest flat screen I've ever seen. I felt like I was in the movie!

And we did that lazy thing: everybody falling asleep... doze in and doze out type of sleeping. It was that good sleep, where your head is leaned back, and your mouth is wide open. Good sleep, babes!

That's what I'm talking about!

What a good day it was. I'm a little salty behind her not making up an errand list for me. I was down for doing some running around for her. But oh well. Next time!

We had such a good time. I usually bring my own food whenever I go somewhere for a long time. People usually give me a HARD time about that for some reason, but they didn't. Although I think it horrified her oldest daughter when I slapped a mound of broccoli sprouts on my sub sandwich! ("Eww, what's that, Miss LadyLee!!!??")

I thought I was going to have to pick that child up off the floor when I asked her "You want a bite!?"

Ha Ha!!

I spent about 9 hours there then drove Lucy on home later that night. I got home around midnight. What a nice trip. I found out that Lucy goes 100 miles an hour with no problem, lol. Let's just say it was a fast trip. And Lucy makes the round trip on only a half a tank of gas. Good job, Lucy!

Honey, get well soon. Make SURE you follow the doctor's orders! I was glad to see you. And you won't hear me wailing anymore about how "I gotta go see 'bout my Mama!!"

Sunday. I didn't do much on Sunday. I was bone tired after that drive. (Not sure why. It's just driving). Anyway, my goal on Easter Sunday was to get outside and cut the grass in the backyard. I managed to do that. But my trimmer ran out of the plastic wire. So I bought a new spool today from Home depot. Gotta get that jungle weed by the fence hacked down, man.

I knew it was Easter, but didn't realize it really until I left and ran an errand. There were lots of family gatherings in my neighborhood. It made me wish that our family had gatherings. We don't. Makes me sad sometimes.

I do believe I would've eaten a piece of Easter ham that day. Woulda tore my stomach to pieces since I rarely eat meat, but hey, it was Easter.

I happen to talk with my Grandmother on Easter evening, though. Her oldest niece died. The woman was around 70 years old. So we talked about that. She has a slew of nieces and nephews. And it's always a good time to talk to her about her family history. When you ask her about people, she don't like to mention illegal stuff, tomfoolery, or ratchetness. But there is A LOT going on. It's like you gotta drag it out of her. She only wants to say good things about people.

"Martin... That's your Uncle John's son. He's one of those children, that you, uh... uh... one of those children you have before you uh... get married."

"That boy Charles, he's in a convalescence home. He and some boys, they were uh.. they were uh, running from some people or someone, and uh... he, uh... *moment of silence*... he fell off an overpass onto the freeway onto his head. Been under care every since."

Wow. Falling off an overpass onto a freeway. O_O.

We had a good talk. She said she was feeling like she'd been slothful, and was working on not being such. She hasn't been meeting her goals like she'd like. And she was acknowledging it all.

I kind of went off. "Mama, what are you talking about? You 83 years old. You old. You're not lazy or slothful."

But I knew what she meant. I told her I was working on things too, and I'd been talking to my siblings about such. And we talked about my bad day last week.

"Mama, it's like walking from Atlanta to California. Big goal, but just get headed in that direction, honey. You'll get there! One step at a time."

Even at 83 years old, she thinks about getting and doing better. Never mind going through the depression, world wars, civil rights movement. She looking forward to doing better each day.

And I can learn a lesson from that, When I have bad days, reflect on them, and look forward to a new day. Yeah, I didn't do as much as I aimed to do, but I know it and I own it, and tomorrow is a new day. A day where I may do better, if only for a little bit.

A little food for thought from a convo with my grandma!

And that's a good thing.

A good weekend indeed!

I'm looking for a better week also... Not like last week...

I'm going to have a good week... on purpose!


  1. Anonymous1:15:00 PM

    What a blessing to have your grandma...I had both my grandmas up until a few years ago...I miss them soooo much....

    I love it...."it's like walking from Atlanta to California"

    I just have to get started in that direction...


    You're a great friend!!

    Dee in San Diego

  2. Yes, you had a good weekend. I was so happy to hear you took that trip to the Magic City. You're good people.

  3. You know I can't laugh.
    love you :)


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