Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Farmers Market Adventures, Part I

So, I happened upon a farmers market in my community some three weeks ago.

It's actually within walking distance of my house, and only open on Sunday mornings. It's no more than a mile and a half from my house, I think.

So it's a nice adventure on a Sunday morning. I haven't gotten up the nerve to walk yet, the major reason being that if I buy some good stuff and it's heavy... let's just say an Oldgirl won't be lugging bags like I HAVE to do that. Shoot man, I have two cars at home. I'm not going to be walking to market like my name is Miss Celie from the Color Purple.


Plus I live in the hood. I don't wanna get stuck up and shot over some kale, man.

Anyway, this Sunday was... interesting.

There had to be a good 200 folks there.

MAJOR crowd. And I don't like crowds. I just happen to be at the far end of the market in the picture above.

The last two times I've gone, there were no more than around 30 people at one time. I'm not sure what was going on. I thought this place was my little secret. And if someone was giving out groupons or something, I missed out on that, lol. There were some really long lines out there. Sheesh!

It was so crowded that you had to park several blocks away and walk down to the spot. There were a couple of times I tried to get a spot and someone beat me to it. And I was NOT about to be cussing folks out over a parking spot. People get shot over parking spots. Not me.

Uh no. I parked illegally right in front of the place. That's because I knew what I wanted.

Some of Antonio's Frest Pasta!

I purchased the red tagliatelle a couple of weekend. That was pretty good. I thought I would try the jumbo mushroom ravioli this past weeked. I tried to buy some the prior weekend, but by the time I'd circled back around to him, he'd sold out.

So I had my mushroom ravioli for breakfast with some sauteed squash and peppers. (Yes, I tend to do dinner type stuff for breakfast. I REALLY have to switch it up like that when I'm trying to stay away from meat, honey.).

That was GOOD. I added a dollop of fresh tomato sauce I'd purchased from another farmers market. Good and super fresh. The filling is a finely pureed mushroom filling. It is no wonder he sold out. I will have to ask him about that next weekend. He's quite the enthusiastic fella. And he sounds like he's from the italian motherland and learned to make pasta from his Mama or Grandmama. That should be a good conversation.

I also bought a swiss chard and cheese ravioli. I will try that later this week.

Makes me wanna get in the kitchen and make my own pasta.

Hmm... Don't think I'll do that. No telling what kind of ratchetness I'd come up with. LOL

I will most definitely be going back next weekend to get some more.

I like this little market. They have fresh local veggies at a decent price. And that's a good thing for me.

Stay tuned for more interesting farmers market adventures!


  1. I need to come and shop with you one weekend!

  2. that dish looked delish! i stay up in Whole Foods and farmers markets where I live. starting January I'm gonna try to eat mainly veggies and fruits for 3 months, and if it's meat only organic chicken or wild caught fish..we'll see how successful I am...hope I don't have to give myself the side

    i swear one of these days I'm coming to your house to eat with you...

  3. Imma need some stuffed mushroom... And ravioli anything is worth a trip to that booth. Bon apetit!

  4. Wait...that tomato sauce you bought for me? YUM!!! YUCK on the mushrooms though lol

  5. @KayC... Girl, there's a couple of outdoor farmers market out on the WestSide... look 'em up!

    This one is the Grant Park Farmer's Market, open from 9:30 to 1, over by the zoo.

    @Ginae... that's a good idea. Good changes. I've made some good changes over the last 3 years, for the sake of getting my lupus under control, and it has worked wonders. I still have a long way to go.

    I watched a couple of really good documentaries on the subject matter that you can rent on your kindle that will help you along with that... I have your phone number now, so I will harrass you with a text of those, lol...

    @Mama Adrienne... Yes... THAT tomato sauce. That sauce is GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!

    @Brown Blogger... You would like it. It is good, and super-light. You can tell that man learned how to make it from his dear grandmother, lol.

  6. Anonymous7:06:00 PM

    Those veggies look DEELISH! I LOVE the Eastern Market farmer's market. It's just AWESOME! Lots of food and veggies as well as artifacts, clothing, etc.

  7. Anonymous7:08:00 PM

    I meant to say I love the Eastern Market Farmer's Market in DC.

  8. Ohh the ravioli sounds good. The swiss chard & cheese sounds like something I might like too.

    I like mushrooms, but I tend to break out in hives when I eat them...Not every time but often. :-(


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