Monday, December 03, 2012

Oscar-Tyrone... The Surly Oldcat

So Oscar-Tyrone is still convalescing and doing his best to get over his pancreatitis and hepatitis.

He is looking better, though.

He's not as thin. He's not as active as he once was, but at least he's awake.

He looks alright, but I wouldn't know for sure until his vet appointment. And that was yesterday.

His vet said he was okay. I am waiting on a liver test to come back, so I will get a call about that this week, hopefully.

And he needed more of his special hypoallergenic food. That food was $130!

I remember looking at him as I was checking out to leave the vet office and mouthing under my breath...

"You lil' Ninja!"

LOL. We're gonna make that food last until February or March, man. I hope this is the last of his vet visits. He doesn't have to go back until October 2013, which is FINE by me. He has cost me a grip! Ugh.

At least he's gotten the hang of riding in the car.

He thoroughly understands that if one who has gastrointestinal problems doesn't want to be thrown to and fro around the car, one MUST sit still in the passenger seat. Very still. And be very careful not to scratch Lucy the Lexus' leather. Very careful.

He isn't all that active, but good grief... that Oldcat is needy. Every time I lay down, he wants to be held.  Either that, or he wants to lay on me.

As you can see, he still manages in all his neediness to have that surly look.  That look that says "I don't want to be bothered with you, but I will sit here until you decide to rub me."

I have thrown him in a choke hold so he will run away from me and leave me alone, but he returns 5 minutes later. And he will lay on me.

And he gets close to my head, which is disturbing.

Very disturbing.  It is odd to wake up and see the eye of the tiger, uh, I mean, the eye of the Original Oldcat.

I am just glad that he's alright. Hopefully this is the end of his woes. He is 15 years old, and maybe he has a few good years left.

A little video of a song that came out around the time he was born... from whence his middle name comes.

LOL.. That middle name caused some O_o at the vet. But uh, they have a gazillion Oscars in their computer system. Let's just say it was easy to find Oscar's name.

You better call Oscar-Tyrone! 

Call him!

And tell him come on and help you git your sh**!


  1. you and this here cat....! yall both crack me up! see i don't even like cats and your post about OT make me like him at least...feel better OT...

  2. I'm not particularly a cat person either, honey. I just need lil' dude to feel better. He is bleeding my savings account. Sigh.

  3. how did you end up with OT if your not a cat person? A gift maybe? I do understand about bleeding your of the many reasons I shut it down every time I think about getting a dog..

  4. @Ginae... He is the ex-husband's cat. I got custody of him. Sigh. I had two cats and he thought they should stay together. MY cat died back in 2005.

    I swear when Oscar-Tyrone is looking at me all surly-like, he is thinking... "Where the heck is Oldboy at? Why am I sitting here looking at YOU, Oldgirl?"


    And there is a link to it all. You will see it right before the video above. Click on "from whence his middle name comes."

  5. He does look surly, LOL! He's not feeling well and wants to be loved on. His photos always crack me up!

  6. bwuahahahaha! i just read the story of how he got his name! you and OT go way back I see. can't believe the ex was worried about splitting up the cats...smh

  7. So wait... Oscar Tyrone rides in the front seat of the Lexus... Okay.


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