Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Mane of the Lion

This is an extra special post, dedicated to one of my favorite readers, Remnants...

So, like I said, I have been hanging out at the local farmers market near my home.

Let's just say, I see some strange things. Very strange.

I was walking past one booth and saw the people laying out some interesting white slabs of...something.

I moved a little closer to the table so I could examine it.

I thought it was a piece of meat or something. It looked like some really big oversized mushroom.

Someone standing next to me asked the seller "What's that?"

"A lion's mane mushroom," the seller replied.

A lion's mane mushroom. I've never heard of that. The seller pointed to the mushroom sitting on a cutting board off to the side.

That's a big ol' mushroom, ain't it? Geez.

"Where do you get it from?" the inquisitive customer asked. I was glad she was asking questions, because I wasn't going to.

"We forage for our mushrooms," the seller replied. "They are found way up in the trees, and we have to climb the tree to get it."


Climbing a tree to get it? Really? I was waiting for her to say she was joking, but uh, no.

"How do you cook it?" the curious customer asked.

I wasn't really concerned about that. I was snapping pictures. But I waited for the answer.

"Oh, you slice it and sautee it in a little oil. It's really good."


You know me, honey. I really like to try new things. With my concentration on fruits and vegetables in my diet over the past couple of years, it is a MUST that I try new things.

But this lion's mane mushroom? That's taking it a bit too far. I'm not brave enough to eat that.

I would like to send some to Remnants, since she stated in some earlier comments that she breaks out in hives when she eats mushrooms. I wanna watch her eat it... then stand back and see what happens.

*Remnants gives LadyLee the hard side-eye*

That thing looks like it causes more than hives.

I found a picture of the mushroom in it's natural habitat.

Ugh. That is nasty. That looks like if you touch it, it will, uh... touch you back. It looks like some body-snatcher horror movie type craziness is going to jump off.

I admire the sellers for climbing trees and foraging for mushrooms. This HAS to be their passion. HAS to be.

Not me. No sir.

I did buy some of the wild salad mix on the table next to the mushroom. It was pretty with the little flowers in it. My cubicle mate, the Cowgirl Cre, made sure to watch me eat it. I think all of the offerings on that table were "foraged" foods. She (and I) just wanted to make sure I don't fall out from eating it. LOL.

Wild salad mix was tasty. I don't know about that mushroom.

The scientific name for this mushroom is Hericium erinaceus. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol levels. It might even be useful against dementia, stomach ulcers, esophageal cancer.

Sounds beneficial!

Still not gonna try it.

I will let ya'll try it. Then holla back at me and let me know what's up.

I will just be satisfied with learning something new! On purpose.


  1. Remnants + hairy mushroom = spontaneous combustion. LOL!

  2. @Remnants... I thought you would find it... interesting.

    Isn't that the most bizarre thing? Especially with it latched up in a tree like that? WOW. I would only eat that if it was a time of famine and if there was NOTHING else available.

    I wish you were there. I would've said "This chick Remnants here would like a sample piece of that!" Then push you closer to the table.

    LOL! Bet you'll whoop my tail for that stunt!

    And I wouldn't blame you.


  4. wingedshadowwolf8:19:00 PM

    Those shrooms are so huge! I found this blog while looking up info on them, I'm planning to grow my own. I hear they taste like lobster. :)

  5. Anonymous6:23:00 PM

    Funny, I find them growing at the base of the tree. About 2 feet off the ground. But they are that delicious where I would be willing to climb a tree.


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