Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday Morning

Seasons Greetings!

*throws silver glittery Christmas tree stensil at you*

LOL! That's as much holiday glee that you'll ever get from me.

Oh well, I don't have a tree. But here's one at work.

And that's not in my section. That's a tree for another group, and it's near the elevator I take to get out of the building.

A tree in my section? LOL. Do you realize how messy and how much drama will ensue from something as simple as a... tree??

Talk about taking the Christ out of Christmas. You don't even want to know.


Enough of that. I had a pretty good weekend. You know what made me ECSTATICALLY happy? I didn't have to go to work. I have been working anywhere from a couple of hours to five hours on the weekend. And it's not cute.

I didn't leave the house on Saturday, which is unfortunate since I had some errands to run. I rolled all that over to Sunday.

First stop was the neighborhood Farmer's market in Grant Park! That seems to be my Sunday morning jaunt!

This market is next to the zoo. And let's just say where I parked... uh, it was downwind from the elephant section of the zoo! I got out of my car and had to look around real quick. I didn't want any elephants coming towards me.

But once I got on the farmer's market trail, it was all good.

Lots of interesting offerings there. And you know I took pictures.

*eyes glazing over*

I didn't stop at that booth for anything.

But I did stop at a booth and bought the most lovely carrots.

I've never had multicolored carrots.  I plan on sauteeing those with some soy butter and pumpkin spice.  See how that works out.

I was going to juice the greens, but I read that they are bitter. Not sure what that's about, as most juiced greens are bitter. We will see about that too.

I bought more pasta from Antonio.

"I wish I could make fresh pasta," I said.
"You can do it," he replied enthusiastically. "You just have to buy the machine."


"How 'bout I just buy it from you," I said.
"That sounds good."

I know that's right, sir. I rarely eat pasta. I better have my own big italian family or pasta business to even remotely entertain such an idea.

I purchased the sweet potato ravioli, the jumbo mushroom ravioli, and the swiss chard and cheese ravioli. The latter two were GREAT. I can't wait to try the sweet potato one. I know that's gonna be good.

And I did all my fruit and veggie shopping for the week. Oh joy. I actually came across some reasonably priced organic veggies. It's getting to the point where I have to really be strategic about finding the best price.

Anyway, that is it for today. I have more Farmer's Market fare to put up. Believe me, I saw some STRANGE strange stuff.  I know that one particular thing I saw... uh, blogger Remnants will really like! Stay tuned for that.

I need a song of the week. But I don't have one. Sigh.

Quote of the Week. I did hear something really interesting on Sunday morning, though.

"What you BECOME is determined by what you OVERCOME."

We all have issues in our life that we are doing our best to get a grip on.

And we only get a step closer to our purpose by overcoming those issues.

Interesting. I am still rolling that over in my mind. Because it has me pondering my triumphs, accomplishments, sorrows, and failures. And filtering them all through that short phrase above makes it all makes sense.

Just a little food for thought for you for this holiday season.

Only 21 days left in the year 2012. You better make it do what it do in that time.

On purpose.

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  1. I'm not a carrot girl but those carrots look GOOD lol. I want to go to the farmers market with you next time I'm there :)


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