Friday, December 07, 2012

Seargent Cookies is Home!

Guess who's back from his tour in Afghanistan?

Seargent Cookies!!!

Milk and Cookies is home!!! And his boys are happy to see him!


As you can see, Senior and Junior are cheesing mighty hard.

And that's good!

As you can see, Milk and Cookies 3.0 hasn't quite got the hang of smiling extra hard.
And that's okay. I'm sure he doesn't have many teeth anyway.

I haven't seen my brother in a good 3 years. He is stationed all the way out in Seattle.

I am just glad my prayers have been answered... He is back home with his family.


  1. yay! Welcome back Milk and Cookies! So glad your brother made it back home safely :)

  2. aww so glad he is home!

  3. unityfalls2:57:00 PM

    Glad he is home safe.

  4. Aww! Such cute pictures, Junior & 3.0 have grown so much.

    I'm glad your brother made it home safely, thanks for sharing.

    Check your e-mail (it's from my gubment name) :-) ...Merry Christmas!

  5. Man ... it is such a blessing to see M&C all grown up with a family of his own.

  6. I'm so glad he's home!!!


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