Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Freestyles

It is Friday!

And it is Payday!

*throws one piece of glitter*

Only one piece of glitter is thrown. That's because I am thinking of my bills right now. I will be paying a lot today. Sigh.

Anyway, it is Friday. And I will finish my seed series up over the weekend or early next week. I say "series" because it is longer than I thought it would be. Bliss was right... parts 2, 3, 4.  LOL.  No, I just think there are 2 more parts. My goodness, I didn't realize how much is going on, or what I thought about it, until I started writing, and how many facets and layers there are to it all (in my opinion). There are some 90 posts out of my 1600 posts on my blog that mention seed of some type. Some of that might be about gardening, but some are of the type of things I want to write about and I want to make sure I sift back through some of those and see where my thoughts were at the time. So that's my weekend assignment for myself. So hold tight! I MIGHT post it up over the weekend. Might. At any rate, next week I will finish up.

I am going into work a little late today. That's because I woke up at 3:56 am. I got caught up in watching Aljazeera America, the new all news cable channel. Have you checked that out? It is sooo much better than the other all news stations. It doesn't feel all partisan, and the level of stories is so much higher. I don't know, it's just different. Real low on the arguing and what not. I can watch it for a couple of hours and learn a TON of new things. I like that!

I fell back asleep at 6:30 am and I am just now waking up. So late to work it is. I wish I could take the day off, but that's not going to happen. Too much to do, plus I have training all next week waaaaaaaaaay out in Alpharetta (northern surburb).

This training is some 30-35 miles away. So that means I have to drive everyday. It's against the traffic, though. So it shouldn't be that bad. A list of hotels was sent with my confirmation.  So I asked my boss and my director if I could get some money for a hotel. 'Cuz I really like that Embassy Suites. Me and Oscar-Tyrone could ball up in there.

They had that deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes. Let's just say the answer was uh... NO.

"Can I get some gas money?" I asked. "Some per diem? Some 0.25 cents per mile or something?"

There were more dears running around and staring into headlights.  The answer was.... NO.

That 4 days of training is $3200. They can kick me another $200 to for gas and lunch. I don't understand. I usually make money off of trips. I guess I can't when it's local.

This is still a bit pricey, even for a $300,000 piece of equipment. I told my boss today... "Look, not only does this need to be informative, I need them to throw some strippers in there, put on a show or something for that much."

The software is a tad bit janky. At any rate, I need them to answer a couple of questions. This is suppose to be some hands-on stuff. I'll be satisfied if all my questions get answered. We gonna have problems if that's not the case. Do NOT let me morph into "Dr. LadyLee" mode. They don't want NONE of that persona. O_O

So, the training is only half a day on Friday. How 'bout I said I ain't going back to work after it's over? That's my payment, as far as I am concerned. Yeah.

(Yes, I tend to ruffle feathers whenever and however possible.)

I have an appointment to get a haircut later on today. I walked into the barbershop looking for Mr. Soho, and he was looking at me all crazy because of what happened last time. But he is cutting my hair around three. And I followed directions this time. So there should be no more scolding.

Song of the Week. I am not a Maxwell fan, as I like my men sangers with a little bass in their voices... but I heard this song "Submerge" on Spotify. I really like it.

I have no idea what he's talking about. And that is the very reason I like OLD music. Give me some Earth Wind and Fire, or the Emotions. Yes indeed.

That's all for today.

I will work on those other posts this weekend. I want them to be thorough and just right. (I know Bliss and Shai expect nothing less).

Have a good weekend! On purpose!


  1. Aww man I was looking forward to reading more seed posts. I will patiently wait. LOL.

    I admire how you are researching your own thoughts and being thorough. Whatever you write will have us all thinking and maybe even writing too.

    Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  2. Aljazeera America? I'll have to check that out.

    and yeah, you can get mileage because you are traveling to a site that is not your regular duty station. meals depend on the length of the training and whether or not the company orders in lunch.


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