Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Night Fights

This was to be a "Happy Monday Morning" post this morning, but it is a Monday Night Fights post.

Hmmm... are there fights on Monday Nights. Well, I bet there are not any in the professional world. But I live in the 'hood, so somebody out here fighting tonight!

And there are fights on the House of LadyLee station. LOL

And this just means a evening randoms post.

Anyway, I had a great weekend. It rained on Saturday. I didn't go out of the house. I didn't even look out the window. I'd been doing that strange commuting all week. I hung around the house and caught up on my sleep. Talk about some hard napping between chores! Glory.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. I went to the black people's Walmart (super early when no one was really there) and I saw this:


*LadyLee looks at calendar*

Excuse me, but isn't still September?

And I am always perplexed by the white trees... and the snow capped trees.

This is Georgia. I can only remember one white Christmas... back in 1989, I think. And that was a light dusting of snow (which was like a major thing for us in Georgia).

Although I am digging the little girlie pink and lavender toyota truck on the side of the tree. I need one of those... LadyLee size! LOL

So let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!

*throws tree tinsel at you*

Quote of the Day.   "Patience is not the ability to wait,  it is the ability to maintain a good attitude in the midst of waiting."

I don't "wait" particularly well. But I thought about something when I heard that quote. I pray for things... and it may take 10 years for that "thing" to manifest.  I can ask myself a few questions when that happens (as I have as I reflected over things)...

How much did  I whine? How much did I cry? What was my level of anger? And what was my level of thanksgiving over this time? Did my faith develop during this time?

Hmmm... Yes I think about that. I spend time journalling about all of that.  And the answers determine if I "waited" well, i.e., was I truly patient or not. Sometimes the answers are good, sometimes not so good. Overall, I know where my "sticky" areas are and what to work on.

We all "flip out" over stuff from time to time... but what matters is your attitude at the end of the day...

A small food for thought for your week, since I don't think I will have any food-for-thoughts this week.

Song of the Day. Let's go gospel today!  A good gospel song...

That's some of my Grandma's type of music. That song makes you tap your foot, sway, and cool yourself with your Martin Luther King church fan!

Or in my case, my Obama church fan.

LOL! (I always talk about my Obama church fan... so you know I have a bootleg one!)

I like that song. That is one of my "pack up" songs for when I am packing up to leave for work.

I feel pretty good by the time I'm walking out the door...

And I am hollering "You have a mighty fine day, Oscar-Tyrone!!"

Uh... that dude... He's an old man now. He;s still trying to get himself together for the morning. Too early in the morning for him, I suppose. I know he is probably thinking "Get on way from here with all that noise, LadyLee... with your non-sanging self! Glory!".

That's a good song right there!  I love it!

So with that... You have a great week!

On purpose!

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