Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Morning!

It's Monday!

It's the last day of the month! 75% of the year is over. You have 25% of the year left to get it in. All those New Years resolutions you have... you can still accomplish it all!

You know me. I don't make resolutions. I don't need a resolution. I need a revelation.

Yes indeed.

I haven't watched much news in a week. And it's a good thing. The junk level in my mind is pretty low right now. However, I watched the news this morning, and lo and behold, they are STILL hollering about this government shutdown. I am a government employee, so it would affect me.

I for one think this whole thing is a pissing contest between the Republicans and Democrats. And as usual, the Republicans will lose. Personally I think Congress should be swept clean and replaced with people who actually know how to govern. That's all I will say about that. Humph.

Anyway, I had a decent weekend. I am LOVING the weather int he ATL. Not only is it cool (still warm enough for shorts), but the humidity is low. You can't beat that, after the monsoon rains all summer. GLORY!!

I have my regular bimonthly doctor's appointment this morning. I need her to check EVERYTHING and give me a big prescription just in case the government shuts down. Then I'm going over to Grandma's house for lunch. I don't think she likes this much, as she doesn't understand why I only stay half an hour. But I must go to work. And if we are furloughed, I will be sure to hang out with her tomorrow.

Quotes of the week.  We had a guest minister this week, and the sermon was interesting. It was centered around wants and needs.

"A need-centered person is someone so engrossed in their personal issues that they are not aware of what is going on all around them."

"A need-centered person always needs someone to affirm them all the time."

And "need-centered" here is synonymous with "self-centered".  So think of it in that context. And we all know some self-centered people. And we have all been a bit self-centered at times in our lives.

This sermon was mostly dealing with the "Me, Myself and I" mentality and learning to trust God for your needs and not be all manipulative in your prayer life and or in dealings with others. If you are truly depending on God for your needs, then the worry and fear should be out of your life.

I know for myself, I have issues and what-not that I am constantly thinking about. But for this year I have noticed, and I notice in my personal journals, that a common entry has been my problems, but balancing that with keeping alert about what's going on around me, because there is soooo much going on around me. Those answers I need seem to always be available if I get my mind off of myself and pay attention to what's going on. So that first quote confirmed that and resonated strongly with me.

Now that second quote. Humph. I know folks who need constant validation. It's very much draining. And I am on these folks' bad side after awhile. It's hard for me to keep affirming and validating people, especially when I see my words are not helping them. It becomes an exercise in stroking. I can't stand that.

Good quotes. Gave me something to think about.

Song of the Week.  I like this song. Reminds me a little of some ol' Marvin Gaye.

That's it for our Monday... Off to the doctor I go.

You have a good week! By design and On purpose.


  1. Doc, you failed to do your job! Why you ain't cook chitlins for the GOP like your boss told you to do? Now we all gotta suffer. Hmph.

    The 'need-centered person' definitions are interesting. Based on the first sentence, I'd say I'm need-centered because I check out of life when I'm going through a tough time. But based on the second sentence, I am not need-centered because I don't seek validation. I deal with things in my own head and on my own time, then I resurface and check back into the real world.

    I, too, know need-centered people who constantly seek validation and affirmation from others. In my friendship/bank account analogy, it's the people who make frequent withdrawals and very few deposits. I try to encourage, support, and use their love language. But maintaining that kind of friendship is exhausting. My deposits are all used up and the balance is drained over and over again, so I close the account.

    1. @Singlema... Ma, You don't offer constipated folks a pot of chitlins... that would just make them more... constipated!! They need some oatmeal, spiked with a strong laxative.

      I think that's the issue.

      We have some very sorry leadership. That's all I got to say about that.

      And I'm a little miffed about sitting here at work trying to read and close out some COMPLICATED reports... and my mental is just not on it. Humph...

      I think when we see problems, we need to do the proper self-assessment and analysis, and I don't think that should involve a plethora of folks and their opinions. Just my thought about it.

      Some proper balance is needed.

      Let's not even talk about that friendship/bank analogy account analogy you posted on over at your spot... I feel like a robber has robbed my bank... and set the place on fire as he was leaving. Sigh.


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