Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday Morning


Look at me, honey.

All lightweight on the posting this week.


And it's Payday. And I don't really care.

*lee throws one piece of glitter*

This week has flown by fast. I've been a tad bit busy. I was so busy on Thursday that I didn't eat lunch. And I promptly left work 20 minutes early.

I've been in a mighty fight. A fight against the machine!

All that training I had last week, I'm putting to work now. I have two complicated instruments. One of them has an old version of software, and it keeps locking up on me. The new instrument is slick and shiny, but I can't get it to print my data like I want. I told my boss that I was going to do a shot of the screen with my camera phone, and let that be my data.

One thing I know... I can do general maintenance and repair on the equipment. I can do that in my sleep.

Here's my instructor showing some other students how to do some stuff...

Me and this other dude "Johnny"... we didn't care about that. We wanted to get down on the terribly complicated software.  "Big Hunter software is a BEAST" was was my motto for the week. And Johnny had flown in from South America. We wanted software. And we got it, too... but the glitchiness of it is O_O. It has been a fight for the past couple of days.

Right now I need an intense class in Excel. Sigh. I wish I would've paid more attention in college.

I would go buy a book on Excel, but uh.... my specialist returns next week.  He may know how to move things faster.  He's away on training, in a town on a beach.

Yes. That's my kind of training. I am sure he will come back very relaxed, and with a niiiiiiice tan.  A really nice tan.

Song(s) of the Week.  Kendrick Lamar's performances on Saturday Night Live.

Now, I really like this Poetic Justice song.

That uses a heavy Janet Jackson "Anytime, Anyplace" sample. The only thing that would've made that performance better would've been if that chicken walked out and sang.  I do believe I would've passed out on the living room floor if that would've happened! LOL

I like this fella. He's not all bejeweled.  No platinum or gold in his mouth. He's not all tatted up to the point where we can't make out his face. And his pants ain't falling off his behind.

I was telling a friend he looks like he just got off the bus, just trying to make it to class or work.

He stood up there on the mike and rapped. And he didn't bring his whole posse on stage. And there was not one scantily clad woman bouncing around on stage. And he had a GOOD band.

And he has a GREAT CD.  One of the better rap CDs I've heard in a long time. It is pretty low on the bitches and hoes spiel. (Thank goodness for that). And it has a storyline, which makes it interesting.

I don't even remember the last rap CD I liked from top to bottom. Sigh. I think I would have to go back at least 20 years to Biggie's first CD.  And I rarely listen to rap these days. So maybe there have been good rap CDs out. I wouldn't know.

Goodness. I am getting old.

That's all for today

And with that, I will got fight the machine!

Today will have a good day. I will beat the machine!

*Lee doing victory lap around the machine*


Ya'll have a good weekend... on purpose.

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