Thursday, June 04, 2015

Bring Your Child to the Workplace Day


Today was bring your child to work day.

I have no children. I couldn't bring Sista Callie Jo or Mitch.

No. Just look at them. They don't count as... children. And they may have embarrass me with their mischief.

And you know how folks just around here ITCHING to talk about you here in this workplace.

But my coworker Mel brought her son to work.

And he's an child actor.

She comes in with stories about auditions and what-not. She talks about what parts in movies he's in.

It's all a blur to me. I have only one question:

"Who's in the movie?"

His mother would tell me. And she will go on talking about the movie.

"Look here," I say, interrupting her. "If he get in something with that Brad Pitt or Angelina, let me know. I will gladly take off from work and take him down to the set. I will bring my afro pick, and I will be his hair stylist. And I am bringing some of my friends. He will have a wardrobe person, and shoe person and a tutor. 'Cuz we really tryna meet some Angelina or Brad Pitt."

She said alright. And I am holding her to that. She can come to work.

I've been expressing to her the last couple of days how I want an autograph from him.

"So I can sell it  if he get famous, you know?" was my reason.

She brought him to work. I ran up on him while he was playing a game on his phone. He was sitting in his Mama's chair. (I looked around. I had no idea where she'd disappeared to.)

"Lil man!" I said.

He politely took out his earplugs.

"Yo dude, I saw you in that movie on TVOne. The one where you were out playing in front of the house."

He stared.

"Can you give me an autograph?"

"Sure," he said.

I went and got a post-it note from my desk.  And he signed it in is shaky 10-year-old script.

(I was watching him thinking... DANG you write slow.  But he's only 10).

He handed his autograph to me, and I held it high in the air over my head.

"This here is going to be worth some money some day! Thanks, lil' man."

"You're welcome,"  he said, as he went back to his video game. 

Yeah. His mama must've threatened him in the car.

"Don't get up in here and act like you crazy. Be respectful!"

And that's what he was. A very nice young man.

I pinned his autograph upon the wall of my cubicle, right between the Braves schedule and my calendar.

I wanted to be sure to put it up... so I can sell it later. Heck, I may even have it laminated.

It was nice to meet him, and all the other little kids who visited to our workplace today!

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