Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

Ten Tuesday Thoughts...  

These are difficult to come up with for some reason. I can come up with TWO Tuesday Thoughts, but ten thoughts are a challenge. But let's see if I can do that. I will just keep my post open all day and type as I go until it is time to leave.

1. I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been thinking about blog posts, but not doing them. I'm not sure what that's about. It may be because I spend time doing some private journal writing in the mornings, my "morning pages", so I don't really feel a need to post. Plus, I rarely even put personal stuff up on here. This blog is for the exercise of my creative mind.

2. Speaking of writing in the mornings... I was doing 3 pages strong every morning. Then the daylight savings time hit. Man. That three pages went down to one in a hurry. And my cursive writing is barely legible. It's interesting how much of a difference an hour makes.

3. Work is HECTIC. You know it's bad when I take stuff home to read on the weekends. And I was even sitting at home this weekend, saying "Man, I wish I could go in to work to look at that data. I have to wait 'til Monday. Ugh."

4.  I had a 4 day weekend for the memorial day holiday. I don't have many plans, so I try to wrap my vacation time around the holidays. That weekend was interesting because I was barely home. I had a long list of things to do, and I got 80% of it done. My time off is usually spent relaxing, but I haven't had any time off since Christmas. Errands plus hanging with friends plus my regular stuff took up a lot of time!  So I have to schedule a few "mental days" in June.

5. Lunch today is a nice salad. I wanted to have a mid-morning snack, an orange, but I couldn't. I am working with a piece of equipment that requires that I have no essential oils on my hands. I didn't even put any lotion on this morning, so I am ASHY. Sure enough, I can wash my hands, but you never know. I wear gloves, but that can still be a problem. So once I finish working with that intricate and sensitive piece of equipment, I will eat.

6. I can't believe that it is June already.  As usual, the Atlanta weather is all jacked up... hot some days, pouring down raining on others.

7. I am still riding "dirty" in Pam. She may be ready for emission now, but I don't know. I only drive her on the weekends, and I missed out on this this weekend. I really like driving her, more than Lucy Jr.  I am a bit stuck up these days, because I prefer leather luxury and a sunroof.  The whole cloth seat thing is a bit... ugh.  My goal was to get her tested in June. Maybe she is ready for registration. We will see. As for now, I stay out of the way of po-lice.

8. I need  to list some goals for the summer. I have some cardboard from an old cardboard box I broke down with a box cutter. I want to list my goals on them in bold sharpie and tack it up on the wall where I can see it everyday.  I am sure this would look mad crazy to anyone who comes over.

9. I didn't eat lunch until 3:00 pm.  That's not a good look. I like to eat around 1:30 pm.  I got caught up in  the lab. Sigh.  But that salad was good.  You can NOT go wrong with baby greens, nectarines, strawberries and pecans... with a tangerine vinagarette. AWESOME!

10. So the custodial crew said they are stripping the floors. Uh... that means I need to leave dirt early. I will NOT be getting stuck down there with them. Nerp. Leaving an hour early. PEACE.

So that's my Ten Tuesday Thoughts. Not half bad!


  1. Not bad! And I am jacking it. I've been in training all week and been trying to figure out how and what to write about.

  2. I've just downloaded iStripper, and now I can watch the sexiest virtual strippers on my desktop.


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