Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Freestyles... The Birthday Editon

Happy Friday!

I am calling this the birthday edition. No, it's not my birthday. But tomorrow is a birthday for something, and since I ain't posting anything tomorrow, we will celebrate today.

Happy Birthday MITCH!!!

Man... that dude is SO much bigger than in that picture. I think he was 6 months old in that picture. I don't have a current picture of him. He is so dark that he doesn't photograph well. But he is all boy, a little muscle man. And at night, he likes to lay on my head. This is irksome. He still thinks he is a kitten, when he is now a huge cat.

What he has done is calm Sista Callie Jo WAAAAY down. The focus of her attention is not me anymore. Sometimes I feel sad about that, but whatever. I needed her to calm down. So that's a good thing.

Their favorite activity is looking out the living room window.

I'm not so sure what's so interesting. My bushes are high. Not much to see. But they get a kick out of watching the locals cut the grass and trim hedges.  I rarely have people over, so this is a thing of joy!

So Happy Birthday Mitch. You are a VERY good kitty. Glad to have you.

This week has been a blur. I have been so busy. It feels like it was JUST Monday. And it's odd that I wish I could work this weekend. But I'm not going to do that.

I had a mammogram on Wednesday. I was annoyed with having an appointment because I couldn't work a full day, but that's just me being silly. Anyway, everything was alright. I will probably get a letter officially about it next week. It is a bit sobering to have to stop, experience the discomfort of the procedure, then sit and wait for the doctor to come in and put the slides of my breasts up on the screen. I could see the many veins running throughout them... and I could also see the two tiny titanium clips from the biopsies I had a couple of years ago. All of that made me think about what's really important in life. And I have to remind myself to stay focused on that very thing.

Just a thought, something I will be thinking about for awhile.

This has been an interesting week. Obamacare was upheld. Yet the Republicans will continue to fight against it, until they wear everybody out, I suppose. And gay marriage is now legal in the land. I think that may make the Republicans faint, it will.

I tell you... It's not a great time to be a republican. My goodness. No one seems to pay them much mind. I know I don't. I think I would have to be a middle aged white male from the south to consider them. And this is coming from me, someone who isn't all that pleased with the democratic party. I wish there were more choices. Repubiclans sure ain't it.

And I GASPED when Trump referred to Mexicans as criminals and rapists. Whelp. You just lost the hispanic vote, dude. (As if he cared). He came out yesterday and said he had great affection for the Mexican peoples. Ugh, you can't walk that one back, sir. No sir.

I tell you... this means I need another break from the news. It all has my head spinning.

The more I watch the news, the more I understand how they expressly dictate what we all think and talk about. Sigh. This is bad on SO many levels.

Song of the Week.
Trap Gospel Music!! "I Luh God" by Erica Campbell

Man... who in the world would've ever thought to make some TRAP gospel music! Wow. I have no words.  I don't like trap music, so I don't care for this song. But I just think it's so O_o. 

She HAD to have been sitting around listening to some Young Thug.  Had to.

That beat is kicking. You can twerk and be a thot to it.  Not sure that is good to be to gospel music.

Although this does seem to justify their could be female trap artists. Hmm...

And here's the thing: One MUST do something to capture the attention of the young people. MUST. By any means necessary. So if it gets one youngster to think about God, then go for it. That is all.

That's it for me.

I don't have much planned for the weekend. Pam has a popped strut, so I might go get that fixed. I haven't decided yet. I don't feel like getting up at 7:00 am on a Saturday morning.  If I have to, I will.  We shall see. (In other words, I need to stop being LAZY.  Humph.)

Have a good weekend.

On purpose...

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