Monday, June 08, 2015

Finally! Glory!



Good ol' 18-year-old Pam!

Pam FINALLY passed her emission!

I tell you, when the inspector said she passed, I was way too happy. He was looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Sir, you just don't understand!"

He nodded politely.

He doesn't understand. My emissions are due in February.

It is now JUNE.


I needed some repairs. That was around $1400. (Pam ain't even worth that much). I had that done and the light came back on again. If they couldn't figure it out, I would just have to purchase a new car computer, and that would be $600-700. That is fine, but I rather not. I just needed to drive it and catch it with the light off.

My engine light was going on and off. And I think it was a matter of the battery connection this time. So a month ago, I taped the battery connector down with some black electrical tape. Eventually I will get a new connector, but whatever. And since then, the light hasn't been back on. That was a month ago, and I drive it every weekend. No big deal.

I was listening to an auto show on Saturday, and they were talking about how to get your emissions to pass. I needed TWO long driving cycles. And the car needed to sit overnight each time. THEN go get it tested. I was doing one long drive then trying to get it tested, and the computer was not ready. So, I did what they said, and it worked out well!

Thank goodness I was listening to the radio on Saturday. I must've driven 100 miles this weekend. I drove out to the west side for my supplement powder from my chiropractor's office. I hit up a health food store while I was out there. On Sunday I drove to the deep south side suburbs to my sister's house to dump a busted microwave and TV at her dump site. Afterwords I drove WAAAY out to the east side to the farmers market.

Then I drove home. And I decided to bite the bullet and go get Pam tested. And she passed. I thought I would FAINT.

Glory. She is in compliance now. And best of all, she drives like a dream. How great is that?

High class issue, I know. But I just needed that to be OVER. I came to work and promptly purchased my tag online and kept it moving. I have my receipt, so I don't have to drive all dirty, eyes darting back and forth looking out for the COPS!

Oh what a wonderful weekend. Oh what a great start to the week.

I need the rest of the week to be great. On purpose.

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