Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Remembrance of Phyllis Hyman

I was listening to ATL black talk radio this morning, and the host was featuring Phyllis Hyman as his bumper music for today.

It is the 20th anniversary of her death.

So I thought I would post up some of my favorite songs by her.

"Betcha By Golly Wow"

"Living All Alone"

"Living in Confusion"

"Be One" (from the movie School Daze)

I tell you... she knew how to dress, didn't she? Was sharp ALL the time. Man.

I hate that she took her own life.  I was only 25 years old when this happened, but I spent time thinking about it. What happened? Could anyone have helped her?  Sigh.

One of the great singers....

Gone, but not forgotten.

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  1. I remember first seeing the cover of her album You Know How to Love Me at about age 9. I have loved since then. Living All Love was one of my top faves. Her last CD I loved It's Not About You It's About Me. I was in utter shock. I had been wanting to see her in concert. I missed the last one that came to Detroit.

    I was in awe of her voice, stature and style of dress. Hard to believe it has been 20 years. I remember in interviews how she was alone and wanted to be married and have kids. Hearing she suffered from depression saddened me.


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