Monday, June 29, 2015

That Flag...

They've been talking about a woman going on the next $10 bill. Here you go:

Did you see this Bree Newsome climb that poll and take that flag down?

She was like that girl Mulan...

She worked that all the way out.

A modern day Wonder Woman.

Yeah, she broke the law. So what?

Heck, I was watching all this and wondering why no one had climbed up there and snatched it down or burnt it. I live in the south, and we down here ALL know what that's about.

I myself have had vile things yelled at me and things thrown at me by folks with that emblem somewhere on the pickup truck. Shoot, I was just trying to walk home from school!

To each his own. Not sure why the flag of a rebel nation flies in the south, but the massacre brought it all to light. And rightfully so.

Once she snatched it down, they put it right back up. Sigh.

One day hopefully, it will come down again... legally.


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