Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

Here we go with the 10 Thoughts on a Tuesday. Watch out, now!

1. So Jeb Bush launched his campaign for president of our beloved USA. I must say, I don't want to see another Bush in office. SURELY there are other people out there who can win. But I don't think so. He got up at his speech and spoke the smoothest spanish. And his wife is Mexican. And one of his kids had a drug problem, if I'm remembering correctly. Uh... That's enough to get that hispanic vote. He can say whatever he needs to say to make them believe that he will do something about immigration. Hence, for these reasons, he will win the nomination.

2. One of my fillings fell out of my back tooth last night. Alas, there's a gaping hole in my tooth. What a feeling. At least it's not hurting. I just put it back in, and I am careful about what I am eating. But that can't go on for long. I have an appointment with the gorgeous Dr. Watson at noon on Thursday.

3. So Hillary Clinton officially launched her campaign for president of our beloved USA.. I'm not sure about her. I don't want to see another Clinton in the White House. SURELY there will be more people to run against her. There are two other democratic contenders, but Hillary says she is gonna raise a billion dollars. And we all know that this is all about how much money you got. Shame it has to be that way, but oh well.

4. I wake up in the middle of the night at the same time: 3:40 a.m.  I was thinking that I should play the number 340. But since I don't fool much with the lotto, I assume it means that I spend some time praying and singing. I don't want to just lay there and think. My pastor says when stuff happen like that, have church service. It seems to work.

5. So Donald Trump has officially announced his campaign for the president of our beloved USA.  He's not gonna win. But he can win, since he is worth $9 billion dollars. He sure does file a lot of bankruptcy, though. I think it's just a publicity stunt. I don't want to see this guy become president. Oh my.

6. My favorite activity of the weekend: a convo with one of my favorite readers, Ginae. Some folks just calm my spirit. And make me laugh. We must talk more often. I don't want her to get to the point where she looks at the ringing phone and says... "Oh my... it's that dang LadyLee again!".  *puts phone on silence*  LOL.

7. Mitchell Lamar has been around here chewing up electrical chords and the like. It is wild to turn something on and it's not working. He chewed up my $90 wireless headphones. I have had to throw away a couple of chargers. And this weekend, he chewed up the AC chord to my Roku.  And he chewed the extension wire for my speakers. I got so mad that I hit him. I feel so bad. I have to remember that even though he's some 12-13 pounds, he's still just a kitten. He will be a 1-year old next week, so he will be a full blown CAT. Maybe he will stop chewing up stuff.

8. So sharks are swimming hard along the lower east coast and people are getting attacked. A couple of teenagers lost limbs this weekend. So uh... we know the sharks are swimming hard. Why the hell are ya'll still out there at the beach? What's up with that? I mean, the sharks are catching people in waist-deep water. I'ma need ya'll to take a trip to your local swimming pool.

9. Mitch and Sista Callie fight a lot. It's play fighting. It is a bit annoying, because there are occasionally cuts and bruises, and I am NOT interested in running them to the vet. But I must say, it is not as serious as two boy cats fighting. I have found in the past that I have to get out of the way. Callie and Mitch's fighting is not as bad.  Callie tends to walk away after awhile as if to say, "Mitch, you are too strong. I am a girl! I can't be tussling like this!" LOL.

10. So I am having a plumbing issue at home. Nothing serious. I think the toilet water tank in the upstairs bathroom is rusted out and/or needs a new O-ring. It's leaking rusted water out. And I have to jiggle the handle to keep it from running. So I called my home warranty folks and all that is covered. However, the plumbing charge is $75. Why is it that I pay them every month and they still have a service charge? Sigh. *go finds checkbook*

So that's it for my Ten Tuesday thoughts. I enjoy doing those!


  1. :). Aw..your too sweet. I always enjoy my convos with you as well. We must do it more often. I

  2. I enjoyed reading this. I know you're going to shake your head when I tell you I'm going to the beach this weekend. Lol! I'll be sure to look out for sharks

  3. Um, there are a million folks running for the Republican nomination. I am feeling some kinda way about Hillary running, but we don't have many choices. Politics make me tired.

  4. I wake up at 4 a.m. I've never thought about having church service, I usually glitter something or get on facebook. I think I'll give that a try.


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