Friday, December 03, 2010

Freestyle Fridays...Thousand Island Style!

(Note: I jacked up this post by posting an earlier unfinished version. UGH. Will mess around with it later...)

This is my 1000th Post!

Can you believe that?

One Thousand Posts!


So I'm doing something special for this post.

1000 Things about LadyLee.


Yeah right.

I'm giving away a $1000 gift certificate!!

(Now you know that's not going down!)

No, I'm not doing anything special. I could easily write up 1000 things about myself. And I could give away a gift certificate (where I am the winner. Imagine that!)

Nope. Just another Friday Freestyle.

As usual, work is on my mind. My week was okay. Not the most productive, but it's all good. I got in trouble for coming in at 10:01 am instead of 10:00 am the other day, but whatever. Hey, if that's all you got to complain about concerning me, then knock yourself out. I ignore you!

The absolute highlight of me week was turning in a couple chapters to the readers of my current manuscript and them absolutely LOVING it.

Serenity said "You outdid yourself Leezie!" And then we had to have a LONG discussion about it all.

Meek-Meek said "That was the bomb!" Oh yeah.

My male reader was like "Ohhhhhh maaaaan. Oh MAN!"

Yeah. LadyLee can write her tail off when she wants.

Really though.

Nothing else earth shattering has gone on this week. I've just been working away. I'm sleeping pretty well. My meals have been great this week: lots of fruits and veggies...

Barbeque chicken sliders and tacos! Oh joy!

All meat free. Hey, maybe I should put some of those recipes up? (And my girl Cyncere sista requested it on twitter... hmm.)

This is December, and I'm actually coming up with personal goals for 2011.

Not resolutions. But goals.

I don't like resolutions. An Oldgirl needs to catch a revelation, not make a resolution.

Video of the Week. One of my favorites. Man, when I REALLY wanna get the blood pumping, I play this song right here.

(I'll have to put that up when I get home. I had it, but published the wrong version of this post. So go watch it on YouTube.)

It sure makes me happy! LOL

Alright! I'm at work now, so I gotta go... I had a couple of good posts of the week, and if you didn't see those in the first version of this post, then I will tell you about those next week.

Since this is my 1000th post, I wanted to do a giveaway.

No, not the 1000 dollar gift certificate (And I would win that one anyway).

But I will give away a batch of cookies!

And a book that's just right for the New Year: Write it Down, Make it Happen: Knowing What You Want and Getting It by Henriette Klausner. This is a good book for helping to get your mind straightened out and for goal setting.

So if you over here, lurking like crazy, leave a comment, and let me a comment letting me know why you're hanging out on the porch of The House of LadyLee, and be eligible for the drawing!

Ya heard me!?

Geez... I HATE that some of ya'll didn't catch the original version of this post. SIGH...

But that's alright. That's okay.

We're going to have a good Friday ANYWAY!!!

(Doggonit... *hitting desk with fist*)

I wonder what the next 1000 posts will bring?

You'll just have to come back to The House of LadyLee and See!!!

Have a good weekend! On purpose!!


  1. *faints* at "They Put me in the Mix" Omg that used to be my song! I shall whip out my hammer pants and dance in honor of you reminding me of this song(NO really, I keep almost everything and I'm sure I still have a pair of my hammer pants...for shame!)

    Welp, I'm no lurker but I'm on your porch b/c I'm one of the newest chickens in the coop!

    Congrats on the 1000th post!

  2. (Alright yall... I messed up this post by reposting an OLD version just now. Come back in about an hour, and I'll have it back as good as new!!!)

  3. Happy 1000!...and um yes please do post some of those recipes....I come here because your post are always hella entertaining, you give me great spiritual nourishment, and we think and act quitea bit alike and I can relate really well to your post.

    Have a great weekend and what has become known as my signature saying...make it count!

  4. Anonymous12:00:00 PM

    Hey LadyLee!

    I have been a lurker for quite a while now. I come here because ur posts are usually funny as heck or deeply insightful. I need both in my life!

    Now, send me some of those cookies I've been reading about for quite a while now or make my new baby boy one of those famous blankets. Please and thank you. :)

    Congrats on your 1000th post!

  5. Jennifer12:04:00 PM

    I would love to try Lee's famous cookies... that is reason enough to lurk here! But truly, I get encouraged by what I read, from dealing with coworkers to what God is doing in your life. Keep going!

  6. I'm not a lurker. But my mouth waters when you mention those cookies.

    So I wouldn't mind a belated birthday batch. I'm off until Dec 11th. LOL!

  7. Well you know I'm not a lurker! Hey Lee!

    Those bbq chicken sliders sound good.

    Not Hammer! I was a stan for Hammer before there was such a thing as a stan.

  8. The Green Eyed Bandit8:32:00 AM

    1st things 1st....Congrats on the 1000th post! I think I have read every single one. For the new lurkers, you can go back and read them all. I did when I started reading.

    2nd thing...Um I keep hearing about these chapters people are reading. I feel neglected. I did not get any versions. (The Green Eyed Bandit bursts into tears)

    3rd thing....this is your reminder of our meeting on Sunday afternoon.

    4th thing...I am jacking a sentence and posting it as my quote for the day

    Love you much....keep up the writing, sharing, and growing.

  9. 1,000 congrats! Just stopped in to say I was thinking about you. Hope you have happy holidays!

  10. Congrats on your 1,000th!


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