Monday, December 13, 2010

YaaaY MondaY!

Happy Cold Windy Monday Morning!!!

Am I supposed to be this excited about a Monday morning, where it is cold and windy, and there's a threat of rain!?

Yep! I choose to be.


I'd be more excited if it snowed today, too. That way I can stay at home.

And man... It's 22 degrees... wind blowing at 22 mph.

Terrible 2's!!

Anyway, it's a new week, a new day. And something wonderful willl happen today somewhere. Never fails. It always will. In the midst of the news constantly bombarding our minds with mess, something good will happen.

My weekend. I had a pretty good weekend. I was supposed to go to work on Saturday, but that didn't pan out. I had to wait on the serviceman to come back with the part to finish the repair of my dishwasher. It is one of those fancy smancy top of the line Jen-Air dishwashers, and they had to replace the whole digital panel. (I can't stand digital appliances. I long for the days of good ol' appliances with knobs. They worked SO much better.)

They didn't finish 'til about 2:30. I only wanted to work for 3 hours, but whatever. I can do what I have to do today.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with a blog and twitter sista yesterday, Mrs. Tazzee. I went over and watched the Falcons game with her and her crew.

She was trying to lure me over with messages of "We're having crabs!"

This seized me up that first time. Had to hit her back with "Get thee behind me, Tazzee, you temptress!"

LOL. Sometimes you gotta get old King James biblical on a person. LOL

She said a couple more times, I believe. Let's just say, I'm more amped to stop through if you say to me.... "We're having beans!"

There was a chance of snow on Sunday in the ATL, and it snowed indeed. I lay in bed, looking out the window, hoping it wouldn't stick, because I wanted to go on over there.

I'd been up since about 3:30 in the morning, and I don't know what I didn't think to wash clothes around then, but I washed around 10:00 am. Clothes weren't fully done and dry until about one o'clock.

And while I was waiting around for the clothes to be finished, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies:

So I got over to Tazzee's house around halftime. And when she said she had crablegs? She had crablegs!


They sure looked good. Seasoned so well that you could smell the Bay seasoning wafting through the air. On top of that, she had some shrimps!

I didn't want any. When I got there, I did sit down next to the corn. That got my attention.

I didn't get any. I don't know, I wasn't hungry at the time (I had yellow corn grits, spinach and mushroom quiche, and soy sausage for breakfast so I guess that was still sitting with me).

But I wanted to throw a couple of pieces of corn in my pocket for later on. LOL
But uh rah... when Tazzee whipped up a salad? Oh you know I was all over that.

And she did the darn thing. You know I'm on my way to my vegetarian goal when I get geeked out of control over raw veggies. THAT WAS A GOOD SALAD! Made with the fresh spring baby lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots... a light sprinkle of cheese, a little ranch dressing.
*lee faints*

I tell you, straight up. I do believe that was the first time I was around some females who know and LOVE football, who yell, holler and clap when their teams do something good.

That is PRICELESS!!!

(I was a bit more serene. They hoop and holler like I do when I'm at home alone watching the game.)

That was sooooo exciting!!! Of course, I do what I do when I'm watching football: crochet. I'm working on a baby blanket right now, and I was busy whipstitching some squares together. I got so excited that I was sticking myself with the needle, and I messed around and stitched some squares together the wrong way.

What great fun... And they enjoyed the cookies. (I found out from someone there who really likes my cookies, that it's best to warm them gently in the oven versus heating them in the microwave. It helps to maintain the cookies consistency. O_o . Okay. Sounds good after I thought about it for a moment.)

So it was great to hang out. Almost felt like being at my own crib. And that's a good thang.

So thanks for having me, Tazz.
Tazz is good peoples. When I think of her, I think of how, a few months back, she jumped on an airplane and flew up to DC to support blogger Singlema's first 5K and run her first ever 5K race with her. And then she jumped on a plane and came on back to the ATL...

That's good peoples right there. Real good folk. And an Oldgirl likes good peoples! It was an honor to hang out with her.

So with that, I'ma gonna finish up.

Hey, I wanna thank you all for stopping through for spiritual week. I tried to give you lurkers a chance to win fabulous prizes! And there were some lurkers indeed, but ya'll weren't commenting. (Saw ya'll in the sitemeter though).

The comments left helped me immensely, and there was quite a bit of private emails concerning last week's topics.

I can't say that I get excited when it comes to posting up my spiritual thoughts, even though I think about that type of thing some 90% of the time. But I KNOW when someone makes a request, it is wholly essential and required that I put them up. It's a signal for myself that not only someone needs it, but I need to go take a second look at things, and take action. Which I did. I had a couple of powerful answers to some prayers, and great discussions concerning such with a couple of people I trust. (Convos about my feelings are hard for me. But they listened to my solutions. But it was very productive). A plan has taken shape for me. Not sure that would have happened as quickly as it did if I didn't post those notes, and really dig DEEP into them.

So I thank you Shai and MzInspiredMind for making those requests. I hope they helped you as much as they helped me.
If you commented on my 1000th post, or last week during spiritual week, you are eligible for the drawing for FABULOUS prizes. I'll have Cowgirl Cre pull some names from a hat today or tomorrow, and I'll post the winners.
Ya'll have a great week. On purpose.


  1. Oh yes heating the cookies in the oven that is a great idea. A microwave will mess up bread & such.

    Thanks again for your spiritual notes. I really have to figure out something, since I work on Sundays.

  2. I like what you said about when someone makes a request.

    Spiritual week was another good week!


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