Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Monday Morning



I said HARK!!

'Tis it snowing on my blog??


Another Monday!

And a cold one at that. The temperature in the ATL right now is 30 degrees.

It didn't feel that way. Maybe because I had my ear muffs on.

(I still gotta go buy a coat and some gloves, though. Sigh).

It is terribly quiet at work today. Lots of people are off. I usually take off around the holidays, but since I have a long cruise coming up in February, I'm considering taking that whole month off. (Oh the horror! Will this darn place survive without me? lol).

I'll think about that. Not sure how that would go over with our moronic management.

My Weekend. I had a decent weekend. Didn't do much of anything (should've been doing a little shopping. Sigh). But I did stop by Grandma's house for a spell.

And that's always a little adventure.

We sat in the living room and as usual, I did my crochet thing. (You know I'm staying for a minute when I bring out my yarn.) We sat and talked and watched a movie. Some BIZARRE apocalyptic Escape from New York craziness (It was actually called The Soldier, starring Kurt Russell. (I was deeply disturbed. Grandma wasn't paying much attention. I think she was just happy to see me.)

Then there was my Uncle Tweet. He's special. He lives outside in his truck, but comes in the house to cook. He's been known to do his drug thing, but I hear that he's been clean for a minute. I'm not sure.

But dude was in the kitchen cooking oxtails, chicken wings and hamburgers.

"You want some dinner, Lisa? We got plenty."

"Uh, I'm straight," was my lone reply.

After awhile this disturbed Grandma. "You sure you dont' want something to eat?"

"I'm cool," I said.

"Do you eat?" Grandma asked, a hard edge to her voice.

I looked down at myself. Yeah, I've lost 40 pounds this year, but I am not a skinny girl. By far.

"Uh, yes I do."

That was my cue to take my azz in the kitchen and find something to eat.

I'd eaten a couple of hours before I showed up at her house. I had some stir fried veggies with brown rice. It was so good that I had a second serving. So I was NOT hungry.

But I went in the kitchen and looked around. Uncle Tweet had the gospel music going HARD on the cheap radio sitting atop the deep freezer. Almost made me wanna whip my hair back and forth, lol.

Lo and behold, there was some cabbage and rice on the stove. I had a small bowl of that. (They still had isshas with that. Oh well).

But I had a good time. Gotta see that Oldgirl more often, especially since she only lives 10 minutes away.

Quote of the week: from Twitter...

"Motivation comes from many different sources, but it's best if it springs from within you."

Man, I could write a whole post on that one. Everybody can do what they can to motivate you, but until something from deep within motivates you, nothing is really going to happen.

Well, that's just my experience. I struggle with that even now.

Video of the week. "Olivia (Lost and Turned Out)" by The Whispers.

This is one of my FAVORITE songs. Has much story to it. My favorite lines of the song:

She's spending most of the time
Walking the streets
She has a certain quota to fill...
He wants to buy a new Seville.

I LOVE that song. Crooning about a hooker on the stroll. CLASSIC.

Whelp! That's it for today. I expect to have a decent workweek. Management isn't here. We'll all be a little kinder this week.

Well, at least I know I will.

This is our Christmas week! Make it a good one.


Remember the reason for the season!


  1. I had to reread the part about your uncle living in his truck, but cooking in the house. Does he just like his own space?

    How did you resist the ox tails?? I would lose all sense of "eating well" in the presence of ox tails...I love those things...over some white rice...some lima beans on the side...Oh, I'm hungry now.

    That quote was great. And your perspective on it couldn't have been said better.

  2. @Ms.Not so Anon, my future POTUS...

    Yes, I love oxtails. Over some white rice? With some gravy? LAWD! Good eating. But I haven't had any in a couple years.

    I'm at a point right now with the vegetarian thing: if i don't want it, I ain't eating it, and u ain't gonna make me eat it. There was almost a standoff in the kitchen. LOL

    Plus I get a hangover headache after eating red meat now. So uh, that deters me just a tad. Better be worth it if I'm gonna be feeling...strange.

    Tweet lives in the truck outside. But he got anger isshas like me, and you don't know if he's having a good day or not. If he acts right, he can move in the house. I think he is doing better because he's cooking whenever i'm over. I'm not around enough to know, but I had a good convo with him. I may buy him some warm clothing for Christmas, since it's so cold out.

    That's a great quote. I don't know who this chick is on twitter, but she puts up like, 30 quotes a day. Good stuff!

  3. Your Monday posts always make my Monday seem so less manic! :)

  4. You didn't mention the cabbage and rice on twitter. I would have sat right next to Uncle Tweet with a plate of chicken, a hamburger, cabbage, and rice. lol

    That's a nice quote!

  5. I'm surprised with all that meat your uncle was cooking that there wasn't a ham hock in the cabbage. LOL!

    I luv some ox tails, but haven't had them in awhile they are quite expensive.

  6. @Mzinspiredmind... Glad you like 'em, Orthopedic chicken!!

    @That Southern Black Gal... We were all off in the kitchen. My cell phone was in the living room. That's why I didn't tweet about cabbage. But he hooked it up, though!

    I will never look at u the same again, gal. Eating coon and squirrel, but not oxtails. Learn interesting stuff about Ninjas on twitter. LOL

    @Remanants... There was a piece of bacon in the cabbage. I kicked that out the way. I wanted to tell Tweet next time to fry me up a piece of fish. I'm more likely to eat that! lol


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