Friday, December 17, 2010


It's Friday!

*backflips, cartwheels and splits*

The only thing that would make this day better was if it was PAYDAY!!!

But it's not. Sigh.

Anyway, the weekend is upon us! It is shouting our names!

And this is the last weekend before Christmas!

Christmas is coming so soon. I have to get gifts together, make cookies... Fun, fun, fun!

So I'll be doing a little running around this weekend.

So here's a little randomness for you, to start off your weekend.

1. WINNERS!! I pulled winners this morning from the bevy of spiritual week comments and 1000th post comments. Our lucky winners are:


Remnants of U


Alright ladies, you have your choices of lovely prizes... Cookies, the book Write it Down, Make it Happen, or the workbook Lord Teach Me How to Pray. Take your pick.

2. Shai asked a question on a recent post about Vitamin D, in which I'm deficient. I said that there is no such thing as a fruit or vegetable that contains it naturally. She found, like I, that mushrooms contain it. Shai, that's only if they are exposed to ultraviolent light, or sunshine. I'm not sitting my mushrooms out in the sun, lol.

Vitamin D is available in dairy and it's fortified into some foods. I don't care for milk, but I eat some ice cream (about to cut it out). We make vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight.

My problem: I haven't been walking outside much like I was doing this summer and fall, so I haven't been getting much sunlight. Couple that with me not really fooling around with much dairy, and voila: low Vitamin D. So right now, I'm taking a supplement.

And finally... I saw this on twitter this morning:

Quote of the Day:

LIVE INTENTIONALLY. Let Purpose guide you,center you, lead you forward. Be ON, FOR, WITH, and ABOUT Purpose.

Yeah, really though.
Purpose, man.... Purpose, purpose, purpose.

Ya'll have a GREAT weekend. On purpose.


  1. It's payday for me!!! **does 5 backflips**

    Have a good weekend!

  2. It is payday for me too. And I just paid last night by phone some bills so the money is already leaving. LOL.

    Woohoo! I won. I would like Lord Teach Me How to Pray.


    I thanks for the info on Vitamin D. I have been taking supplements and after reading your post wondered if they were worth taking.

  3. I have found vitamin D3 to be of great help for me instead of just vitamin D.

    Have a great weekend and don't tire yourself out...

    And um if any of the winners choose cookies and you find yourself having a couple left over feel free to send them my way "just cause"

  4. It's payday for me too! Yesssssss!!!

    I am in love w/ that quote and it shall become my FB status in 5,4,3,2...

    Have an amazing weekend!!

  5. Oh my eyes & stomach says cookies. But I've been doing a little baking myself. So the better decision for me & my hips is "Write it Down, Make it Happen". ***Jumping up & down*** Screaming "I want the book Lee!" Thank you!

    It's a great Friday!

  6. @Southern Black Gal!!... Don't break ya back, Oldgirl! LOL

    @Shai... I just started taking the Vitamin D. Been taking them for 2 weeks. I am interested in what my next test says.

    Get the "D3" form of Vitamin D. "D2" isn't active. Little more expensive, but get it anyway. I've learned to figure out the most active form of vitamins and minerals and run with that one.

    Send your addy to, so I can get that out to you!

    @Ginae... You on the cookie list if there are extra. Send your addy to .

    Yeah, I just told Shai above that D3 is the one to get. I take 5000IU a day. Daily requirement for women is 650IU? Not sure. Interested to know how it works out for me.

    @Remnants... Send your addy to my oldgirl email, man! Or DM me on Twitter!

    @Mzinspiredmind... *snatching your money and running the other way*

    Look under my twitter followers and pick up "consciousskillz". He (or she) be putting up TONS of quotes!

  7. Dang y'all making me almost want to jump on the Twitter bandwagon and get an account...

    I take 1000iu a day. I was told that was the correct number by several but check with that awesome doctor of yours to be sure..

    *jumping up and down and keeping my fingers crossed that you have extra cookies left over*
    Will send you my address this evening. Thanks for even considering it. I appreciate ya!

  8. Thanks for the info in D3.


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