Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Kids

It's a bummer working during the holiday season. In years past, I've taken this time off. I've learned my lesson this year. Next year, I'll resume my normal vacation schedule, lol.

But there's something that makes work a little brighter during these times. It's when people bring their kids in to work.

It's wonderful to see these kids grow up right before my eyes.

My coworker B - his kids didn't come to work, but they wrote a little something for me and the Cowgirl Cre.

Little Bryant, bless his heart. He's just learning to write. Not sure what's all going on with the note (the drawing... I think that's Cowgirl Cre standing next to a tree, and a butterfly is about to land in her weave... Or maybe that tree is me? No, I don't have that much hair), but I know that he and his little brother wanted us to have a good day. I've been looking at the note for the past month, and it reminds me to have a good day ON PURPOSE.

One of my favorite little people, Miss Chase stopped through.

She lost 5 teeth and those adult teeth are coming in.

I'm the tooth fairy's distant cousin, so I gave her 8 dollars.

I whispered in her ear "Don't tell your Mama. She might try to take this money from you."

(Not a good look to whisper that loudly when her Mama Ol' Mean Azz Cynthia is standing right there. Not a good look at all.)

She spent the afternoon with us. She wrote me a lovely note before she left for the day!

And this little fella here...

I've never met him. I just remember when his Mama was big and pregnant with him.

He did not want to smile for me. But you can tell he takes a lot of pictures. Each time I snapped a photo, he immediately was reaching for the camera, wanting to see himself.

I finally got a smile out of him!

Thanks lil' Avery! You made my day.

I love little kids. They have an innocence, a carefree way about them. They don't have a worry in the world.

Don't you wish you could have those days back?

Lord knows I do!


  1. I sure nuff miss those days! I wish my biggest issue was whether to have Cookie Crisp or Captain Crunch for my breakfast as I watch cartoons! I love little kids. The teens is who makes my head hurt! LOL

  2. Things certainly were simpler back then.

  3. Kids just don't know how good they got it.

  4. They are sooo cute! Yeah, I miss those days.


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