Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks

I must do my Thanksgiving post.

I haven't because so much is swirling around in my mind concerning it. I needed a little mental distance from the Holiday just so I could fully sort out and process my thoughts and feelings. I'm not sure I've accomplished that, but taking time to write about it may prove to be helpful.

First of all, if you haven't realized it by now, I am DEEPLY disturbed by the holidays. No they don't depress me or anything, it's just that I need to get through them the best way I can, without getting caught up in any unnecessary mess.

This has been accomplished more often than not over the years.

We as a family don't get together. We as kids grew up where the holiday was more competition than anything - who bought the best gifts, etc. And I get in more trouble than a little bit, to the point where I've been like "You know, I REALLY don't need to show my face at family gatherings."

And this is usually the case. As a result, my best Thanksgivings are spent with one or two family members. That works out best for everyone.

But this year has been different.

My sister has moved out. She lives down in Peachtree City. I don't see her much, and miss her like crazy. When we do talk on the phone, the convos are good and long.

My aunt moved away. I'm not sure where she is. I hear it's 2 hours away. My sister told me, but I haven't talked to her. Her house was my favorite holiday jaunt. Yes, it was just me, her, and her husband, but sitting at her table, me doing my crafts, and she doing her own... well, it's always been sacred.

A great alternative has always been showing up at my best friend's LadyTee's house. But, for the past couple of years, she and her family have gone on cruises for Thanksgiving.

I must admit, and I hate to admit it, but I felt a little alone. Not really knowing what to do. And I don't know, I just can't remember the last time I felt like that.

I mean, I'm looking around at people making all these plans, and it's like... well, I just was not sure how to feel or what to do.

I was left to my own devices. And I have to admit that I've been a little tired from working like a dog. Not to mention being more STRESSED than I care to even think about.

I kind of wanted to just spend the day alone, regrouping. I wasn't going to cook or anything. You know, I wanted to just get up in the morning, spend a little more time in prayer, do the little things that I enjoy... stuff like that.

(Me and my consumate "ME" time. Sigh).

There were no family gatherings of my family of any sort. Well, if there were, I didn't hear about them. I don't attend anything unless I am invited. (Trust, there's immense discussion about this... with me saying multiple times: "Are you SURE I'm invited?")


Anyway, as always, I talk to folk and they ask what I'm doing. I responded that I was gonna just chill. (People don't like to hear that.)

I happen to be on facebook chat with one of my friends Kim, a fabulous traveling buddy. She asked me to come by if I want. They'd be eating and playing spades and watching football...

Right up my alley. I told her that I would stop by.

I've posted about a party she had last year. I actually learned to play spades (See Card Party Chronicles Part I, Card Party Chronicles Part II, Card Party Chronicles Part III).

Tomfoolery at it's finest.

So I decided to go over there. She's deep on the Eastside, some 30 minutes away. Good food, good fun. I like her people. They are crazy. I thought I'd hang out for a couple of hours or so.

Plus I really needed to see her anyway. She commissioned me to make a baby blanket for her nephew, who was born waaaaaaaay back in April. My baby blankets usually take about 30 hours to kick out, but for some reason over the past 6 months I haven't been all that productive. (I think it's because I'm doing a lot of writing. Some hobbies tend to be more at the forefront than others at times).

So I'd been close to finishing the blanket, and I made a dash to finish it.

Now, there was one thing that I was really looking forward to... Thanksgiving service at church. This usually takes place on Thanksgiving Eve. I attend a megachurch with a gazillion members. Oddly enough, there were about 500 people there. The pastor invited a FULL choir (a good 100 people) and they sang their tails off, like it was a Sunday Morning.

The message, interestingly enough, was centered on getting over being agitated with people and situations (basically people pissing you off - I'm sure that's what he was getting at), and how maintaining an attitude of Thanksgiving is an antedote for it. It was something he admitted struggling to as of late, and wanted to share his personal biblical findings with us.

(Lawd help me, I needed that message. That's been one of my problems too, especially when it comes to the workplace. I felt alright about things when I left that night).


The next day, I headed over to my friend Kim's house...

I had a pretty good time.

(Especially when someone mistakenly left a nickel bag of weed on the sofa)

(No I didn't smoke any. Get your mind out the gutter. I just want you to return for part II, honey)


*To be continued*


  1. If you took notes on or remember the points of the sermon, will you email them to me please? Lets just say I truly need to work on my agitation w/ folk and situations.

  2. I can't remember the last time I saw or even spoke the words "nickel bag of weed" LOL. Can't wait for part 2.

  3. I felt some kinda way this holiday. I usually get invited by my bestfriend to his family's T-day dinner. Not this year. I used to go to a good friend's who lives around the block but I wasn't feeling it.

    My daughter went visiting with her boyfriend and the baby. So I was home alone. I did not plan anything special for dinner, what I did cook did not come out right. So I tripped for a split second and said whatever.

    I only talked to my grandma who was sick and in the bed. That's it. I vegged out almost all 4 days and stayed in. I did purge some old things while watching Netflix.

    I think as loners, we do get lonely at times and sometimes we tend to pull in more and don't want to or know how to get out and socialize. And the thing about sermon, I hope you share. Cause I am not feeling folks right now. Limited contact is what I have been doing.

  4. Now you love a cliff hanger. What happened Old Girl?


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