Thursday, August 20, 2009

Card Party Chronicles, Part I

Last weekend, I attended a card party.

I don't usually go to these, as I, LadyLee, don't know how to play the game of choice at such parties: Spades.

Yes, I quietly admit that I don't know how to play spades. I can play mean hands of tonk, gin rummy, and poker. And Old Maid,

But no Spades.

My book club sista Kim decided to throw a party on Saturday night, so I scooped up another book club sista Viv, aka "Net Rock" and we headed deep into the ATL Eastside (in the pouring rain, no less).

I brought a gang of cookies (as expected of me these days). I forgot to eat dinner before I came, and of course, Kim didn't have the vegetarian fare in place

Lee: "Kim, you could've at least had a tofu dish here for me!"
Kim: "Girl, you know I don't fool around with that."

So as a result, I hung out around the Spinach dip half the night.

(This is not all that great because it was cream cheese based, and dairy products are NOT my friends lately...)

Anyway, there was not even any nonalcholic beverages. Of course I complained loudly about this.

"Drink some of that hunch punch, girl!" Kim hollered.

I stared down at the punch. Nawl. Look at all that liquor around that punch bowl. Knowing Kim, it was heavily spiked. Very heavily.

(Kim is just one more lush that I don't need to be fooling around with.)

Anyway, Net Rock and I had a goal to hang out and watch them play.

Little did I know that it would be my own personal "Training Day"...

And thar's the look I had on my face the entire time, lol.

to be continued...


  1. Okay ... you don't play Spades, there was no food or drinks there for you ... what exactly did you do all night? Take pictures and cuss people out?

    BTW, the first time I told someone I didn't play Spades, they thought I was trying to hustle them. After the first hand they realized I was telling the truth!

  2. The Green Eyed Bandit12:20:00 PM

    Man.....i can't wait to read the rest. I know I was there but I love to see what you pick out & your spin on things. When are you introducing Whitney?!

    BTW, I am great. I am lovely!

  3. Anonymous1:03:00 PM

    Card parties are right up my alley. Can't wait to read the rest,

  4. @Bandit... "I feel great! I feel lovely" is gonna be my new phrase to pep myself up!

    You know it's bad when I take notes while AT the party. I was looking at the notes this morning. Hilarious!

  5. LOL! Lee gettin' out and about...

    I too shun card parties--can't play worth a lick.

    Hafta give up my sistah from the hood card...

    They'll throw me out of game of spades...

  6. Anonymous12:28:00 AM

    i must say i had a lovely time-thou i can't play either9for shame`)netrock


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