Friday, August 28, 2009

Freestyle Fridays

Good Friday Morning...


Not just because it is Friday.

But I am OFF today. And this is GOOD.

I have a doctor's appointment today, so I decided to just take the day off. The problem is that it is raining cats and dogs and frogs today. It has been raining like crazy over the past three days... I have never seen so much rain in my life. It's as if it will never stop.

And I gotta drive in this craziness. Allll the way down to Henry County, some 30 miles away. Atlanta drivers are crazy. They drive fast. On rainy days, they drive faster.

Not worried about it. Gonna get my umbrella and keep it moving.

I'm not sure what I'm doing afterwards. Green Eyed Bandit, you live down there with those red necks... I'ma call you and see what's up! Might stop by.

I've been reflecting on my week. It hasn't been the most productive week at work. I feel as if I'd been digging a ditch with a toothpick.

My conclusion is that it be that way sometimes.

Sometimes, you gotta take your toothpick and diligently work that toothpick. I feel as if I've done that.

I am a member of 2 fantasy football leagues, and we had a fantastic draft last night. I am somewhat happy with my pics. My team The Original Oldboys may not come in last place this year. I have one more draft next week, and I'm in there. Can't wait for football season to jump off!

Nothing much is going on today. I just have to battle this rain. And I'm buying a lotto ticket, since the lottery has jumped past 300 million. (This is when I buy my ticket. If I'ma win, I need to win THAT, lol). I'm buying it down in Henry County. Never buy in the city. We don't win in the city.

This will be a slow weekend. I am happy about that. The month of August has been a fast one. Not a good look. I am not a fast Oldgirl.

Well, I've been vegetarian all summer. Did a decent job all summer, but I was not pleased with August. But the trial period is up in a few days, so I have much to think about. Overall, Iwill continue. I just have to tweek. As my blog bruh says so vehemently, I must strategize and optimize.

And that's what I'll do...

If you're considering kicking out on this Dominican Republic 40th birthday trip in February, drop me an email at I can email you some information. If you wanna go, you betta come on!

So that is my freestyle offering for the day.

You have a good day!

Make it great. Make it lovely... even if you have to close your eyes and use the eyes of faith, i.e., step into the realm of your imagination.

As Labelle says in the song "Holiday": "Gonna close the blinds of my mind and let my own sunshine brighten up my day!"

And that's what I'll be doing in rainy ATL today.

You do that, too.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Cool Beans! I hope you had a safe driving day.

    I'll be emailing ya!

    Ima "...close my eyes and use the eyes of faith...step into the realm of my imagination..." :)

  2. Hope the doc appt went well!


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