Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Bone Tired Monday Morning

Two words describe this morning:

Bone tired.

Awake, but tired.

I had a long, busy weekend.

And it flew by like the wind, ya'll.

And now it's Monday. All over again.

The current temperature in the ATL is 71 degrees. I oughta get myself together and get on to work NOW while it's cool. Because it's gonna get hot later on. And it's muggy as all get out. UGH!

No matter. It is good to see another day. Something wonderful is going to happen today!

My weekend was a busy but very GOOD one. I must say that I overdid it. Shame on me...

I was counting up, and let's just say I could easily jump 25 posts out of this weekends shenanigans. Really.

But we won't do that.

Friday night: I am a part of a writer's group now, The Women of Color Writing Group. We had our monthly meeting on Friday night. I got some nice material out of it, and turned in a story that I want to submit somewhere. There're gonna critique that for next month's meeting.

Our leader Dawn hooked up the phat soy lasagna. Very good, very nice indeed.

I didn't get home until well after midnight. I think I was the first to leave. They are still youngsters and able to hang. I am not a spring chicken. Gotta be in the bed before 2 a.m.


Made a quick dash to the southside to pick up tins from the thrift store. I got like, 20 of them for 3 dollars. That's what I call a DEAL!!!

Book club meeting. Waaaaaay the hell out in Roswell. Took me an hour to get there. Atlanta traffic is INSANE. I could not believe I was sitting in traffic on a Saturday! My car was like "What the world?" It sounded like Hong Kong Fooey's hooptie by the time I got back home. LOL!!

The book club choice for August was The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

Very interesting fiction book about negro household help in the late 60s and the white people they take care of (that's it in a nutshell. I ain't doing a review). Anyway, It was a great book, and afforded a great book club discussion.

Saturday night, I went to a card party. Now that was interesting. I even learned how to play spades. FINALLY.

Good fun. Good food. Good laughs. Good people. And some GOOD funny posts from it. LOL

Sunday. That crazy cat, my permanent houseguest Kramer, was packed up and transported to his Mama Chayse's house. We've been talking about this for the past month, but I needed time to walk them through the store and make sure they get everything that they need.

As you can tell, he was a bit shell shocked.

He howled all the way to the southside. Drove me nuts.

But it took about an hour for him to assimilate to his new home.

He went from my humble shanty to a sprawling mini-mansion. Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia has a PHAT house. He has all kinds of places to explore. All kinds of plants to eat up, lol.

Hope he does well. Got a good post coming up off of his new "experience"...

One other thing concerning Saturday: Hen-Dog had his bodybuilding competition. I wanted to go, but went to the party instead. There was a bit of arguing over that.

LadyLee: *wailing hard* "I want to be supportive!!!!"
Hen-Dog: "Go to that party, girl!!!"

He convinced me not to come. His routine is only a minute long, blah, blah, blah. He has another competition coming up in march.

I was suppose to take pictues on Friday night, but got in too late. So I went over early on Saturday morning (6 am. YIKES). Here's a preview picture...

You look good, boy. We could bounce a quarter off that ass! LOL...

I'm hearing he got 3rd place. That is great! He had a celebration dinner last night, which I didn't make it to. I was tired, tired, TIRED. Hopefully we will talk in the lab today while we work on our experiments!!

So, that is the gist of my weekend. I have plans tonight and tomorrow night.

So expect a FULL battery of posts this week. No way I can get them all in. I may be posting everyday for the rest of the month. I may have to get like Serenity and post 1378 times a day, lol.

With that said... Make it a great week.

And you better do that on purpose!!!

I know I will.


  1. Anonymous10:31:00 AM

    **mouth open looking at Hen-Dog**

  2. Close your mouth, gal...

    Got a full spread coming for you, of his before and after pictures. He is officially the new House of LadyLee eye candy!

    Dude lost A LOT of body fat... very very toned. I don't like the bald head, though. He needs to grow his hair back!

    His daughter Chayse told him... "I like your glittery draws, Daddy!"

    Ha HA! LOL!!!!!

  3. Anonymous12:33:00 PM

    You over did it in this post with Kramer being relocated and eye candy. That’s too much for a Monday morning! ;)

  4. I was blinking at those shimmery draws myself! LOL. And let me find out you are running the streets all times of night! This is a warning~

  5. The Green Eyed Bandit11:24:00 PM

    @ Serenity - I will not tell you what time she left the card party on Saturday night....I mean Sunday morning :)

    @ Lee - Whoa.....I am tired just reading it.....especially since I was at all the same places on Saturday except looking at Hen-Dog

  6. Screw you weekend and Kramer...after that picture I lost complete track of whatever else you wrote... I've turned the fan on my office...sistah needs a coolin' down :)

  7. Hey...old gal...din't mean..screw 'you' -- I was anxious (no joke) to get back to the "glittery draws" picture... :) Do forgive my faux pas :)

  8. **clutching pearls** my lawd...


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