Tuesday, August 04, 2009

HA, HA!!

No, it's not Feet Week.

Just playing with you!

(So stop calling me and tripping out!)

Those fabulous feet in the last post were brought to you by way of a most wonderful Spa Party I attended Saturday night at Nails au Naturel.

We had a GOOOOOD time up in there. We didn't leave until well after midnight!

I definitely want to blog about that, but I have soooo much more to talk about!

I hung out with ATLien Nikki... She should be released from the hospital some time this week.

It was good to see you girl!!

Let's see, I had a most, uh, interesting conversation with one of the local prostitutes (Oh joy!). Wish I could've taken a picture of her, but that would've gotten me beat up or something.

My 40th birthday trip is shaping up. Of course this will be in another country. So if you wanna get in on it, you better get in on it!! I may talk about that, once things are finalized.

It is 99% possible that I'm doing a trip in late September, too... hmm...

Today is "dog and pony show" day at work. Some big wig is coming in, and we must impress them. Somehow I got dragged into the whole mess.

One thing I don't like: Ass kissing activites.

I don't like that one bit. And I've been hemming and hawwing about it. I actually have to look professional today. We had a very bizarre run-through yesterday with our press people. (I've worked there for 8 years, and never knew we had public relations peeps in the building).

I told my boss, DO NOT use my first name. Please refer to me by my official title:

"Dr. LadyLee"

Heck, if you're making me do this mess, show some respect. Period.

They may not even get to our area. I hope they don't.

Something interesting happened yesterday: Two of my good friends have become friendly...

Serenity3-0 and The Green Eyed Bandit.

Turns out that they are Sorors, and have much else in common.

I turn to Serenity and want to yell, "That's my friend, not yours!!!"

I turn to The Green Eyed Bandit and want to holler "That's my friend, not yours!!"

Can't do that... they would both slap me silly!!

They are two great people. Glad ya'll can be helpful to each other.

Let me take my jealous self somewhere to a dark damp corner and sit down.


So that's it for today. Just wanted to post a lil sumthin' sumthin'.

Ya'll have a Super Tuesday!


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit9:15:00 AM


    Serenity and I wont leave you out!

  2. Love the comment: "One thing I don't like: Ass kissing activities." Love it! I am having a similar sorta day today. Whew! I feel ya.

    Enjoyed your company this past weekend! Please keep me posted on your 40th Birthday endeavors.


  3. I simply cannot take the corporate ass kissing functions. I usually find a way to be conveniently absent... or very quiet, lol


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