Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book Club Tidbits

Dedicated to one of my favorite lurkers Cashana... sorry I didn't make it to NBCC! Erica said you were looking for me! Wanted to meet you:(

A couple of weekends ago, we had our August book club meeting...

Of course, they try to shock me with the t-shirts. Star wasn't at the meeting, but her bizness partna Erica was. They have a most interesting t-shirt that's pretty popular over at It's All About Books:

"Book Lovers do it between the covers".

I like that one!

We are an all female book club, but lo and behold, we have one male member, "Cid"... In the ATL, there are male book clubs, but they are of the "ghey" persuasion. Cid said he rather hang out with us womens. He's a great addition, as he brings the male point of view to the plate.

He poses here in his "Got books?" t-shirt.

I like that one, too... He wants a "I make reading sexy t-shirt"... but it has a female on the front, sort of like Erica's shirt above.

Erica, do a shirt with a dude on it!

As I mentioned before, our book club meeting was waaaaaaaay the hell up in Roswell, a northern suburb. I don't mind this at all, and I try to be sure to participate, as we do have members that drive long distances every month to book club meetings.

As a result, one better stop for gas before they kick out on an hour drive home.

Green Eyed Bandit expressed this quite fervently.

I snapped this pic of her and one of my House of LadyLee mascots, her son the Baby Bandit.

I never see the boy smile for a photo, so I was glad to catch a pic of him not being all hardcore!

But I got a question, Green Eyed Bandit...

Uh-rah... in this particular gas station that we gassed up in, on the GOOD side of town, mind you-

Did you notice the lovely assortment of crack water pipes so loveling displayed at the cash register?

Man, I wanted to take a picture so bad... ooooh. I think they would've snatched my camera if I would have.

I never thought I would have seen something like that on the high class side of town!

Makes me want to stick to my 'hood... just a bit closer.


  1. Out of lurking...I know I'll meet you one day, I am in ATL often. LOL! Anyway, I need to add to my t-shirt collection because my "I Make Reading Sexy" really does garner attention. I like the first one pictured here. And thanks for the shout out! Made me smile and come out of lurkville for a sec, now back to lurking...

  2. The Green Eyed Bandit4:12:00 PM

    I am sooooooooooooo glad you did a post today. I will make sure Baby Bandit sees it. You gon' make that boy think he is a superstar!

  3. LOL! Didn't join u guys because of that haul...When my number hits...First thing I'm gettin' is a driver...

    @ Green-Eyes....we can arrange a marriage L'il Bandit and my---mini-me -- she can cook, clean is smart and witty...and much much sweeter than her mommie! Another Ol' Mean Ass Cynthia LOL!

  4. What's up Lady Lee. That was too funny. Gurl, you should have taken the picture of the water on the counter:)


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