Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Monday Morning!

Good Morning!

You are currently standing in Ye Olde House of LadyLee...


Station Identification. As you can see, the blog has been renamed. I've been calling it the House of LadyLee, so let's just run with that! There are many "rooms" in this place, most of the smurfy sort. But there's some food for thought and what not, here and there.

And the Book of Cuss is buried in the backyard. (We gotta dig that up every once in awhile).

We're rolling strong in our fourth year, and we're jacking it up a notch (whatever that means. I don't know, just sounds good).

Another Monday, another work week.

My weekend. This weekend went by in a flash.

But that's alright. Because I had a good weekend.

The weather was nice, around 75-80 degrees, with lots of cool breezes. The current temperature here in the ATL is about 65 degrees (highly unusal). It's suppose to be in the mid 80s today, which is cool for these parts.

Like I said, I had a good, no a GREAT weekend.

That's because I kept it very low key. Very.

No rippin' and runnin', none of that. I spent it alone. Even my sister Kentucky was gone, so me and Oscar-Tyrone had the house allll to ourselves.

Saturday I stuck around the house. I REALLY needed to clean up because the house was looking like a brawl had taken place up in here. Since I hadn't been around much, I hadn't been cleaning up. The place is nice and spruced up now, lol... Thank goodness for that.

Sunday morning, I went to church. This is HIGHLY unusual for me. I usually go on a weeknight after work. But I felt I needed to go. When I'm like that, there's a 100% chance that it's tied into something I'm dealing with or trying to figure out at the moment, so I be sure to hightail it on out of here. There had been a couple of things on my mind the past week, and that was the very subject matter of the sermon. So I have a bit of clarity behind that now. Thank goodness for that!

Besides that, I did some grocery shopping. It's better to go to my local vegan grocery store on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. Folks clean that place out on the weekend, lol. I hit up the Farmer's market, too.

I should be straight for the next week and a half veggie and fruitwise...

Vegetarian update. The whole vegetarian thing has continued. I wasn't exactly pleased with this month, as I wasn't as stringent with myself as I was the first 2 months of the summer, but oh well... the three month trial period will be over next month. We'll most definitely continue, with a few changes, which I will discuss next week.

As my blog bruh Hassan would say: STRATEGIZE and OPTIMIZE.

I've learned much. Gotta optimize the strategy, though. Some tweeking is needed indeed.

Vacations. I have a big vacation out of the country coming up in late September. Some all inclusiveness beautifulness.

And peep this: my vacation for my 40th birthday this February has been squared away...

You wanna go with me? Wanna celebrate the big 4-0 with the Oldgirl?

You better come on!

All inclusive.

All the liquor you can drink.

Pure luxury indeed.

It's a most uncommon destination, a place where peeps don't normally think of when they think of vacation...


If you wanna go, let's go baby.

I'll talk about it this week sometime.

Work. I am actually not all bitchy about going to work this morning. I have had a very productive couple of weeks. This usually happens when the boss leaves me alone. She likes to throw monkey wrenchs into my process, and that is not a good look. She has been low key since I am on her bad side lately.

(Note to self: jump on her bad side more often so I can get more work done).

But she confuses me lately. She wrote me up for 2 cash awards-- one for some publication I had, and another for a F.ox news segment I did in my "Dr." capacity. (lol). Not sure what was up with her. How can you go all out to insinuate that I don't work hard, yet write me up for awards?

Highly unusual, and I refuse to think about it any more. Peeps who have management in their back pocket get all the accolades. I'm not an ass kisser so that usually leaves me in the dark.

Thanks gub'ment job, for paying for my September vacation. Really appreciate that. Wasn't expecting that at all.

Ya'll are number one. Really.


This is a 4 day work week for me! Glory! I am OFF on Friday. I have that same ol' doc appointment I have every 6 weeks.

This week is going to be a great week. Look for posts every day this week. Even got some poetic prose coming up for ya. Hmmm...

I'm gonna feel lovely! I'm gonna feel great! On purpose, man!!

(You won't get that unless you've read the last post, lol).

Have a great week. And be sure to come on back to The House of LadyLee and sit a spell!


  1. I need to incorporate "lovely" and "great" into my daily vocabulary. Congrats on the well-deserved awards. Posting all weeek, huh? Mmmmmmm (translation: I'll believe it when I see it -- LOL)


    LOVE the House of Lady Lee...very elegant and royal!

    40! HHmmm I can't leave the country before July 2010 so you'll have to plan on another trip abroad so I can hang with you for your 41!


  3. Why, looka here, looka here... a couple of Oldgirls checking in!

    @Chele... I tell you, say how lovely and great you feel many times a day, and uh, it starts to REALLY feel that way, lol...

    I am soooooooo far behind on posts! I am posting every day this week, chick! I should be posting on Saturdays and Sundays!


    BABZ! You gotta pick up on the next trip. I plan to be on some lush beach somewhere on all my remaining birthdays!

  4. I'm up for a vacay...and next year is the BIG kahuna for me... "5"-"Oh" -- Yeah that's right...

    Glad to hear you're jovial and smurfy...hope it wears off on the Cyncere One.

    I'm Comin' Out!

  5. Anonymous11:57:00 AM

    Reading "fell lovely and feel great" made me bust out laughing remembering your posts about the card party. That was classic! They are my kind of people.

  6. I wanna go on the 40th birthday trip! Somewhere out of the country sounds fab! I, of course, need more details and will wait accordingly!!

  7. I'm feeling good about your vacation strategy. I'm hoping that optimization occurs sometime first quarta' next year. Hell, I might wanna participate in execution of said plans...


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