Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bloggaversary #4 for The House of LadyLee

Today is my 4th bloggaverary...

No fanfare as usual. Not in the mood for all that.

Just acknowledging the day.

And I am more reflective than my usual giddy.

4 years ago, I started something new, the House of LadyLee. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would have been this important to me, or for that matter, gone on this long.

And I would have never thought that I would make such good friends through this blog... and of course, enemies.

But all and all, it has been a great experience.

I started this blog when I was 35 years old. And I will be turning 40 soon.

Today marks my 657th post. So that means you've caught glimpes of 657 pieces of me - my thoughts, my feelings, my dreams, my joys, my pains... and a BUNCH of funny stuff.

And I will continue to do so...

What has been the take home message here for myself?

I have a wonderful life. I love my life and who I am. I am a wonderfully unique individual, with all my ups and downs, my ins and outs. I have my own lane in life, a lane especially designated to me, to navigate the best way I can. This means I don't have to worry about impressing anyone, making up craziness, creating drama on blog... none of that.

I can simply enjoy being me...

LadyLee, Dr. LadyLee, Lee, Lisa, Oldgirl...

This is a place that I can just be myself.

And I am satisfied with me and who I am.

Not many people can say that, can they?

I can.

I would like to thank all of you for your support over the years. I STILL have no idea why people would read my random thoughts and stories, as House of LadyLee is for LadyLee's pleasure.

It is icing on the cake that my readers take pleasure in it too. I have a lot of lurkers, and it trips me out to get emails from them, or even when folks I see on a regular basis talk to me about something they read on my blog.

I am grateful for that. If I can make you laugh or pontificate, even for a spare moment, then that is a good thing. It means I've made a difference, in some small way indeed.

So I thank you for that.

So, thanks to some browbeaters (lol), I am posting more often, and that will continue. No big changes there.

Like I said, no fanfare today. Just my thoughts.

And my many thanks to you for supporting me...

LadyLee... The Origianl Oldgirl.

I'm going to keep the blog going strong... on purpose.

And you make sure to do whatever it is you love to do... with purpose.


  1. Dang. I just checked and apparently I also started my (first) blog four years ago in June. Time flies. I don't even remember how I found you but I'm glad I did. Thanks for everything.

  2. I sincerely enjoy reading your entries. Or more than a few occasions you have made me think way more than I wanted to, but as much as i needed to.

    Congratulations on the milestone, and thanks for sharing peices of yourself with us!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Old Girl!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:14:00 AM

    Happy Bloggaversary!!!

    I enjoy reading each and every post!

    Glad I'm not a browbeater. lol

  5. Anonymous5:25:00 PM

    in your words-- vivian stares blankly at Lee and says"youda besss old girl!

  6. Happy blogaversary Oldgirl! I love this smurfy place! So, so glad you're here and yes you totally inspire me in many ways. Let's just say a multitude of your quotes are jotted down in my rl journal. Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Happy Blagaversery!!! Wow ,Four years in the game Huh? I'm just a baby at this compared to you...Well congratulations and here's to many many more years Old
    Girl! -:)

  8. Congrats on reaching this milestone!

    So glad you plan to keep going strong because I truly enjoy your blog. Your entries have many times you've made me think, and in turn, laugh. So yes, you can absolutely say you've made a difference. Thank you for that!

    All the best...

  9. Oops! Guess I should've previewed! :)

    "Your entries have many times made me think..."

  10. Thank you all very much:)


    I am glad I found you! You are delightful! A JOY! Truly!


  12. Eh, I just come here for the beer. you Lis.
    My Partna, my Partna!

  13. Anonymous12:46:00 PM

    You have a way of inviting readers from all lifestyles. What you do with ease is welcome us all, and then keep us here with your wisdom, antidotes, and the ability to keep it real. Not to mention humor infused throughout your posts.

    Many blessings Ladylee, and we're hoping for many years more of blogging from you.


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