Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Night at the Spa, part II


A Night at the Spaaaaaaa.

Relaxing. Warm colors. Soothing music...

Very nice...

But I was perplexed.

I walked into this place and I didn't see Ling Chong.

Or Chang Lee.

I saw happy smiley black people.

*Lee gasps in utter shock*

You know, I must admit: I've never been to a black owned spa. Didn't know such exist. The Asians have had the nail shop on lock for years. And interestingly, if we, as black folks are the MAIN ones getting our nails and feet all done up, wouldn't you think there would be more of us owning such establishments?

*Lee throws Hassan's black power soapbox back to a smiling Hassan*

Now what was I saying?

Ahhhhhh, a night at the spaaaaaaaa...

Happy smiling manicurists eager to make our nails nice as ever.

Fresh warm towels for lovely hands.

Wonderful ambiance, a most soothing atmosphere.

Happy smiling pedicurists paying special attention to our feet.

Very nice. And all natural. I must admit that I've never gotten special attention down at Chang's nail salon.

Like I said, the salon was all natural. No acrylics and such, no special designs or funky fake rhinestones.

And that posed a problem when one of my book club sisters had acrylic nails.

Acrylic toenails, of course.

No one really noticed this. I know I didn't. I don't look THAT close at women's feet. I'm like any other chick when I see some nice nails...

"Girl, your nails look real nice."

That's as far as that goes. Anything else would be lesbianistic.


Now, I'd been standing next to Kim, talking to her. She asked me to go get her another glass of wine.

No problem, I did that. I then went and sat down, conversed with other folks.

So I have no idea how one of my book club sistas, Dee, found out Kim had acrylic toenails.

The only thing I could figure out is that Kim TOLD Dee that her toenails were fake acrylic.

And Dee is the wrong one to tell such a thang.

"Look at this sh**!" she yelled.

Oh no, I thought to myself. She done got that liquor in her. She get real loud when she's had a few drinks. Funny, but loud.

"Kim has acrylic toenails!" she said, all the while pointing an accusing finger hard at Kim's toes.

"I have awful toenails," Kim whined. She explained how she learned about the acrylic toenails and gave it a try. "Ya'll, I couldn't even wear sandals, my feet were so awful."

"Girl, I'm coming over to your house to help you remove those nails from your toes. Your toenails need to breathe!" Dee yelled.

By this time, a gang of us had surrounded Kim's feet.

Dee hemmed and hawwed. "And I ain't even had a thing to drink tonight!" she said, putting our concerns to rest. "Look how the polish go on that sh** all smooth!" she hollered.

Gee. Dee was going off. I'd hate to see what would have happened if she HAD been drinking. I do believe she would've thrown Kim in a headlock and snatched those acrylics off of her feet.

Just so that the girl's toenails would be allowed to breathe, you see.

"I really have bad feet, ya'll."

We all leaned down straring at Kim's feet with shock and awe.

I whispered to the all natural pedicurist... "Yo, I bet you not even suppose to be working on her feet, are you?"

All she could do was laugh.

We were causing such a stir that the pedicurist had to walk off and collect herself.
"You all gonna be talking about her like a dog tomorrow, ain't ya?" I asked, once she returned to Kim's feet.

Poor Kim. She defended her feet. And defended them well.

This had to be the high drama of the night... and it will be talked about for years to come.

We spent some 5 hours at the nail spa, eating and drinking, getting our feet and nails pampered all naturally. We didn't leave until well after midnight. I told Kita that she needed to throw a spa party EVERY weekend. An Oldgirl would be there for sure!

I called my BFF LadyTee, waking her out of a deep sleep, and told her of my wonderful spa experience. We will most definitely be going back for our birthdays.

I asked my sister, who dragged me to my first ever pedicure appointment some years ago, about acrylic for the toes. She said she had heard of such.

And my sister Kentucky is the expert on all things girly and prissy. So if she know about such, well, it is okay.

I spoke to Kim on the phone the next day. She was still defending her feet.

"Girl, I have feet like Barney Rubble."


Well, if you got feet like Barney Rubble, then do what you gotta do, Kim. I ain't mad at cha!

So that was our spa adventure in a nutshell. A little hell raising about the sanity of acrylic toenails almost caused a small revolution, but all in all, I am glad I found a new nail salon for my pedicures.

Thanks Kita for exposing this Oldgirl to new things...

(And I need you to throw more parties!)


  1. You went to the spa and not take me LOL I'm glad you were able to get your spa on lol

  2. Anonymous12:56:00 PM

    Kita knows how to throw a party, and for herself no less! ;) That's the way it should be. Right?

    Interesting on toes like Barney Rubble. Those are my sister's feet, while I have feet like Fred Flintstone. :)

    Toenails do need to breathe though and if your other book club sister is "hiding" her nails under acrylics that's not the solution. Doctors prescribe meds for that. I'm just sayin'!

  3. Sounds like a good time was had.

    You can use it anytime you like.

    Um... really? (on them acrylic toenails)


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