Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Taking of Stuff

As I've mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I am a member of a Writer's group. I haven't talked about it much, as I had no idea how it would pan out, but it seems to be going well, and I must admit that I do look forward to our monthly Friday evening meetings.

There's only 5 of us, and the young ladies are much younger than me. This could've bothered me, but I didn't let me

An Oldgirl is young at heart, you see.

And I can get a little more racy with my writing, as they are a bit more racy in general.

The group was started by my former book club sista Dawn. I like ol' Dawn. She's particularly enchanted with a double chocolate triple strength coffee infused cake I've made in the past for journal writing meetings.

I remember Dawn sitting in the corner, killing this cake and commenting "Lee, this cake is hot. It's better than sex! It do the trick. I could go without sex if I had this cake. This hit the spot!"


What in the world?

Dawn, let me tell you something. Ain't no cake better than sex. I don't see it. Not even better than bad sex. Cake ain't gonna do the trick.

I don't know. Maybe I feel like this because I'm not big on sweets.

That's some food for thought all unto itself.

And I've jumped off subject. I just think of that EVERY time I see Dawn.

She wanted to know if I wanted to be a part of her group, and I said yes. I am happy to support Dawn in such endavors. I think it's a great idea, especially her method of handling our writing assignments.

And an Oldgirl's writing needs a little stimulating.

(Maybe I should have a big slice of that cake, lol)

Anyway, we get together for about 4 or 5 hours on a Friday evening once a month. Most of them are vegetarians. (It wasn't a good look to show up that first night with a gang of hot wings, lol). They are also future massage therapists.

(I hope one of them breaks me off a free massage. 2 hours worth, please. lol)

We do writing prompts, writing for 5-10 minutes on each. I've posted something on the walls of the House of LadyLee before from our meetings. (See, In this one...).

And here's a little something we were asked to write. It was in response to a portion of a play Dawn read to us, the subject of which was a woman hollering at a man about taking her "Stuff". We were to attempt to write a man's response to such.

Here is my 5 minute attempt at such.

(And uh... this is rated PG. Parental Guidance suggested).

The Taking of Stuff

Yeah… I took your stuff.

I took ALL your shit!

The money, the stereo, the fur coats, the diamond rings…

The pussy, the thoughts, all your dreams.

I took all that shit!

And if I’m being real,I really didn’t take it.

You gave it all to me; eagerly, without a second thought.

They all told you I was no good.

No job, no ride, no hopes, no dreams.

Even after all that you knew, you gave freely.

Even I knew that you were looking for anyone who would make all the pain go away, if even for a moment.

I was that man, the one who could make you feel like the sun, the moon and the rain.

But there comes a time when the sun will set.

The moon will fade.

The rain will end.

And I will run off with all your shit.

My bag stuffed to the top with all your love, hopes, and dreams.

I took it, and you know it.

Next time… be more careful with what means much to you.

Or should I say, be more careful with what should mean much to you.


I don't think a man intentionally thinks this way. But I do think this tends to happen. We as women give our all, and in some cases, motives are exposed and all our "stuff" is taken.

The material stuff that may be taken is not as important as the intangible stuff that is taken from us... our hopes, our dreams for our lives. For some reason, some of us allow this to be taken.

So ladies, I ask you to protect your stuff... the very essence of who you are. It's of great value, more valuable than furs and diamonds. Don't expose your stuff to those who are not worthy of you.

That little 5 minute piece was born out of my thoughts on that.

And it helped me realize what "stuff" should be crucially important to me.


  1. Anonymous11:40:00 AM

    I like that Lee!

  2. Nice piece. I agree that men do not think this way. They can't take anything that we don't want them to have. Problem is, we give stuff away to someone who won't cherish it the way we do, or the way we should.

  3. @That Southern Black Gal and Hassan... Glad ya'll like my 5 minute bootleg piece of stuff!

    @Chele... Ya know, that is the conclusion we came to also...


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