Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Wanna Go?

I, that Oldgirl LadyLee, will be turning 40 in 6 months.

You know what I holler: "You don't know nothing 'til you turn 30."

And someone told me something quite interesting:

"You don't start LIVING until you turn 40."

Well, well, well! Alrighty then.

Let's get ta living, baby!

And live it up, we shall!

An Oldgirl's turning 40...

'Tis monumental indeed. Historic even.

I know one thing to be true:

An Oldgirl will NOT be working on her birthday. Heck, I won't be working the entire week of my birthday.

If I could take the entire month off from work, I surely would. I have enough vacation leave time to do so. But an image of my edgy boss smothering me with a pillow as I slumber clouds my mind. Not a good look.

So I'm taking a week off...

Heading off somewhere with beautiful beaches, sky blue waters:

*LadyLee screeching "Come back to Jamaicaaaaaaa!!!"*

You can go back to Jamaica, but I ain't. I don't wanna go there. Feel free to do so yourself.


I've never been there. And since it looks like I'll be vacationing twice a year from now on, it is on my list of places to go. But, not for my birthday. I want to go somewhere off the beaten path. Somewhere not too touristy.

Now there were several places on my mind. I'd been arguing hard with my homegirl Kim (the chick with the acrylic toenails; the one who throws the funny card parties ). We're stomping down to the Mayan Riviera for her 40th birthday in a few weeks, and we were discussing where I'd like to spend mine.

I wanted to go to Aruba. Problem: High season in February. I'd have to rob a bank to go there.

I wanted to do Turks and Caicos. Problem: Gotta rob 2 banks to go there. (Plus there's an outside chance I'll go there later in 2010).

I wanted to hit up Puerto Vallerta. Issha: 2 connecting flights to get there. I am not changing flights twice. I would have to have my luggage strapped to my head if I'ma do all that, lol.

I wanted to go to Cancun. Problem: Hen-Dog was hollering against that.

"If you wanna have sex with everybody, go to Cancun."

What the world?

Hen-Dog must've had too much fun down there. Kim was irate behind this.

"You tell that n*gga ain't nobody trying to do all that, blah, blah, BLAAAH!

LOL. She was HOT with his tail. Thank goodness she was not face to face with him. She would've knocked him upside the head.

Plus, I don't want to go somewhere besides Mexico for my birthday. Went there on the last birthday, and will be back there in September. Mexican destinations are low on my list.

I wanted to go to Costa Rica. But the travel agent was like, "Uh, if you're the adventurous type who likes to do zip lines and rock climbing, then it's good."


Who me? The Oldgirl? Ziplining and climbing rocks?

Girl stop!!!

LOL!!!!! Yeah right!!! Ain't no way, man! Get down in Central America and get injured out in the jungle doing that craziness... NO WAY!

So, we decided on the Dominican Republic...

We'll be hanging out on the eastside, in Punta Cana.

This place is touristy, but not as much as the more popular spots. I don't know too many folks who have been there. Kim went awhile back and loved it, even though she was hollering "Girl, it was hot as 10,000 hells!"

She went at the end of summer. I ain't going nowhere near the equator during the summer. It's already hot as hell in GA. I could only imagine how hot it is down there in the summer.

We checked the winter temps and they average in the high 70s. This is ideal for the Oldgirl, as I don't like too much heat.

So, 'tis the destination for the birthday trip...

We'll be staying at the Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort and Spa

All inclusive... 5 star.

All you can eat, all the liquor you lushes can drank, 24 hour room service...

You wanna go?

Nice massages, all outside while you feel the cool breezes and watch the ocean. (That ain't included, but if you a baller, you might like that)...

Do you wanna go?

They even got beds out on the beach.

That seems a bit freaky... and creepy to me. Give me a lounge chair, and I'm cool. But shoot, that might be your thang...

You wanna go?

If you wanna go, better let an Oldgirl know. We got a crew rolling out, you better come on.
LadyLee is turning the big 40, babes.
It's gonna be on... and popping.


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit9:14:00 AM

    i need a job!!!! So i can go

  2. Git a job, so you can GO!!

    And you can't go with me. You fam cruise is in January, Ma!

  3. Anonymous10:14:00 AM

    I wish I could!

  4. Come on, ya'll!

  5. Except for the beds on the beach, it looks great. How many days are you staying?

  6. @Chele... Feb 7th-11th... cost around 900 bucks.

    Yeah, I don't care for the beds either. Freaky and creepy indeed. That's some craziness. I can chillax in a lounge chair!

    Guess I ain't all that well traveled.

    But you best believe I'ma take pics of that. Really.

  7. I'm doing Turks Caicos for my 40th! Which is a few years from now (it IS kinda pricey). This spot looks loverly! I've seen a cabana or two on the beach, but never a fleet of beds. Hmm. Ok.

  8. Hell Yeah I'm going... 40 ain't a thang! I start celebrating the half-century mark in October and will be there 365 days hence --10 years your senior...Hell if I know where my azz gonna get $900.00 but I'll do without something...

    Is Magic City still hiring table dancers? Watch me do this...

    By the way way the word verification for me was "wopho" --What's that about?

  9. Um..what about the 30 and over ladies? Can WE youngins hang?? LOL I want to go!!! LOL

  10. @Cyncere... you got six months, gal. You better come on! I'm breaking off a piece of each paycheck to go. You betta work it out and come on!

    @BabGirl... aww yes... I remember being 30... you young chicken you. You wanna go, you better come on! lol

  11. Anonymous3:23:00 PM

    Do u need a nurse to be in attendance? If so, I will be there! I love everything about it...even the beds on the beach! Forward me more details and I will start packing! whoohooo!!! Forty is most fabulous..for real.
    TGN (the good nurse)

  12. Oh man sounds wonderful!!! Yep I wanna go, so I betta start chipping off some of my lil piece of check monthly too!


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