Monday, December 06, 2010

Happy Cold Monday Morning

Not sure what today brings...

But I know that it brings COLD air and a LOT of wind.

The current temperature in the ATL is 28 degrees.


(I may have to go buy a winter coat!)

I need another day off, an extended weekend, if only it is to just stay in the house, and out of the cold air.

But alas, I must go to work today. And not to mention I have a doctor's appointment this morning. Oh joy.

My weekend. It was a decent one. I ran a few errands on Saturday, and on Sunday, I had a Triple F Posse (Financial Freedom Fighters) meeting. This is always interesting, as it provides motivation for me concerning my finances. This time, it forced me to think about my goals and what I want to do for 2011.

So that's the gist of it. I also did my usual: crocheting and writing. I do believe I got about 2200 hundred words done. I'm very happy about that, as I tend to do more thinking about my stories than writing. That's definitely something that I need to change in the new year.

I'm not sure what this week brings. More work. Less confusion at work, I hope. I'm staying extra busy. My hours at work are going by super fast. This is much better than watching the clock.

A good bit of management is gone this week to a meeting. As a result, the employees like to celebrate with a potluck of some type. (Yeah, we are glad when they are gone). I've been tapped to make salmon and biscuits. (I really don't care to do this. I was caught completely off guard, but I will do it anyway, even though I won't eat any).

Post of the Week. I posted this up on my 1000th post from last week, but I jacked up that post. (Man, how do you jack up a special post like that. UGH!)

It is from one of my favorite bloggers, the Infamous La. I think La is in her mid-twenties, but I swear, some of her blog posts, she must've began writing when she was 5 years old. Meaning she takes much time to write them, especially the lush beautifully worded ones.

This particular one, Love Letters and Library Books, struck a chord with me. It's a short, yet deeply layered piece. It speaks so much to the fairy tale thinking of us women (fairy tale is not a good word, maybe hopeful and positive are better words), and how somehow something happens -hurt, disappointment, pain, heartbreak, etc.-takes that away from us. Something like that. Everytime I read it, I see something different. Something different.

That was GREAT, La... Loved-ed it.

Well, that's all for the week... we have some special programming over here at the House of LadyLee this week.

This week at The House of LadyLee blog, we're gonna make it a spiritual week. I ran this by Serenity3-0, who is the gatekeeper for my food-for-thought activities. She approved and was looking forward to it. (As if Mini-Me would say anything different, lol).

I don't fancy my blog as a spiritual blog. Nor do I care for it to head in that direction. I'm a bit too crass for that, a bit too "imperfect", if I dare say. And, the spiritual blogs I come across have much "finger-pointing" at their center, whereas they do too much criticism of others, calling out of others. I suppose that's good for them, so I don't knock them for that. But that's not my purpose or calling. For me, that would be an activity of me focusing on other's shortcomings in an effort to cover up and keep from addressing and dealing with my own.

And an Oldgirl isn't like that. I'm someone with a myriad of idiosyncracies, doing my best to simply find my way. I don't care to blame people for my issues, or blame our Enemy for what's going on. Although Satan, the Devil, this Enemy is a enemy indeed. However:

Sometimes it's not the Enemy... It's "Inner-Me"

I wish I could find spiritual blogs where I can learn something, where people are open and are working on their personal growth through their spirituality. I have a old private batcave blog, which shall not be named, where I really did much of that, and I was thinking about picking that up on the private tip again. I still get comments of how people enjoy it, even as old as it is, lol.

But every once in awhile, I allow that to slip more of what's going on with "inner-me" over here at the House of LadyLee. Seems as if some of my readers enjoy such. I have a few readers who have said they don't really understand the things of God much, but they understand when I explain things in relation to my own life. And I'm happy about that.

For that is what I ponder most of the time. And that makes it worth the effort it takes to reveal my most inner thoughts, those spiritual things that are close to my heart.

Plus I have to get this out of the way. A rock was thrown through my window at home, and their was a note wrapped around it that said...

"LadyLee, you better post up your church notes on agitation. Love Shai and MzInspiredmind".


Yeah, when someone requests notes, like my girl Jennifer did concerning my Depression notes, uh... I think I better get on it.

There's always a reason for it.

So stay tuned for that.

I think I'll expand and extend last week's giveaway over to this week. A batch of cookies (your choice of triple chocolate chip pecan or oatmeal raisin cranberry walnut), if you comment. However many times you comment, well, your name goes in a bag, and more chances to win. I'm also giving away the book Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Klausner. VERY good if you're in a goal setting mindset right now.

I'm also going to give a copy of Lord, Teach Me How to Pray by Kay Arthur, away. This is a workbook that Serenity and I worked through earlier this year. If you are confused about prayer, and have some trouble with your prayer life, uh... this workbook clears it up, and sets you on the right path.

So come back... stay tuned for daily posts...

And have a great week. As always, on purpose.


  1. *faints* I did NOT throw that rock..I was just there when it went thru the window! LOLLLLL

    I'm putting both of those books on my book list and plan to be a posting fool. I need to win either one and some cookies! LOL

  2. Hey I was going to say I did not throw a rock either. I just put a note in your mailbox/slot. LOL.

    I have the Write it Down One. Kay Arthur's books on How to Study the Bible and the one you mentioned is on my wishlist.

  3. Well, I'm glad they threw that rock!

    #truestory I was watching GMA when they weatherman said it's going to be extremely cold in ATL today. I thought about you and said "I bet Lee is fussing about the weather". lol I know I said a few cuss words when I walked out the door and it was only 26 degrees.

  4. This is Serenity23 and I approve this message. LOL

  5. Sometimes it's not the Enemy... It's "Inner-Me"

    Stealin' It! :)

    'preciate you old gal...especially for not being a finger pointing pious (fake azz) Christian...but allowing us lurkers to peek and grow through your self-discovery...and we're getting help fo' free -- why pay a high priced shrink. LOL! Ya know me :)

  6. Anonymous12:03:00 PM

    Nothing like self to get get in the way of progress...I just had this convo with a girl friend of mine yesterday. She was saying how people claim marriage/monogomous relationships were so hard, and I said to her, "The only thing hard is fighting against the want to be selfish." Perhaps that's naivety; or perhaps I'm brilliant. I prefer the latter lol. Anywho...I stumbled on this blog but I like it a lot, forgive me as I'll be commenting on a myriad of posts this afternoon.

    Oh and you mentioned blogs, well my favorites are
    then I have my own... so check those out, they're always spiritually fulfilling.

  7. I'm not liking this below freezing weather in the A either.
    Ha, ha! Since management is gone are you going to post some of the musical playlist on Twitter? So did they vote you to make salmon, because you brought some for a previous potluck?

    I'm looking forward to the spiritual week. I have come to the realization that my working on Sundays for the past few years means I need to work on my spiritual needs on my own. And I need to start attending a Wednesday bible study somewhere, but oooh this freezing weather...Sheesh!


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