Monday, July 28, 2014

Good Monday Morning

Happy Monday Morning.

I am feeling O_o today.

I REALLY need a couple of weeks off. Really.

But alas, thank you Lord that I have a job to go to. So I will NOT complain.

I had a pretty good weekend. I am a bit tired because I did too much yesterday. My grass is 6 inches high because of all the rain and my inability to get out there due to my knee being all jacked up. It is better now (GLORY!), and you should have seen me yesterday. It was a serious adventure movie titled LadyLee versus the Forest. Part I was yesterday, and part II is today. I managed to get a lot done, but the trimmer battery runs out fast. So I should finish cutting grass today. I only have a 10'  x 5' patch left.

My best day was Saturday, though. I attended my cousin's baby shower. Oh yes, I did finish that blanket on time. I finished it on Friday night. I was so sleepy that I was cross-eyed, lol. But I finished it. I ended up washing it on Saturday morning and it came out really nice.

I love little girl blankets because I like doing ruffles. And I put one on this one.

I had a good time at the baby shower. My cousin Nicki is such a diva.

I haven't seen her since our grandfather's funeral, which was some 12 or 13 years ago. She and my little brother are the same age (I think she is 6 months older than him), and they have always been thick as thieves growing up. He keeps up with her now, and I saw her on his facebook page and we've been chatting back and forth. She is posing there with her best friend's daughter, and I tend to still think of her as THAT age (around 6 or 7), and not age 27.

So it was good to see them. Her father is my mother's youngest brother. He has MS and wasn't at the shower. But I have taking my grandmother to see him at the rehab center he's in over the past year. And one of my major goals was to catch up with Nicki's Mama and coordinate with her so I can take grandma to see him at home.

It was a good time.

It is day 6 of the Financial Fast. 15 days to go. I have been doing well on it. I went to Home Depot to get string for my trimmer, and since I knew I had a ton of trimming to do, I bought 3 spools. So that was a bit out of bounds, but it is hot as hell outside, and I don't want to be ripping and running back and forth to the Home Depot for string. Hopefully this string will last until the end of August.

I thought the evening one hour conference calls would be a bit too much, but they are much needed and cathartic. They are providing a ton of insight. We all have different ideas about financial matters and I am the type who has learned to learn from and appreciate different points of view. I feel help me understand or even add to my own point of view. And as a result I can make better goals.

So thanks ladies (and gentleman) of the Triple F Posse. It is quite the enlightening experience.

Song of the Week. I have been listening to some old Queen Latifah, two songs in particular. "Gimme your Love" and "If you don't Know". These songs came out 22 years ago, I believe. They are off the Nature of a Sista CD.

And here is another song I like off that CD.  "How Do I Love Thee".

Now, she and I are the same age. So she was only 21 or 22 years old when she made that CD.

Now imagine the depth of a 21 year old female rapper today. You can't imagine it? No you can't. Because they have no depth. It doesn't take much depth to rap about how bad you are and how everybody is a bitch. Sigh. This Oldgirl can't listen to that.

Maybe I'm just getting older. And wiser. I am understanding more and more every year that that is a good thing.

That's it for today!

I have a TON of food-for-thought posts in my head. I will try to get them out. That was last week's goal, but I didn't get much of anything done. Food for thought tends to drain me a bit, and I have been cranking hard on that crochet project. I am done now. Maybe I will have time to get all that I am thinking about out in a few posts. Some of that stuff... I may have to turn off the comments. Uh... maybe I will just keep those to myself.

So for now, keep commenting. Sweepstakes is still in full effect until August 13th. Whether you comment once or multiple times, just comment. Just don't miss your chance at those $99 gift cards, honey!

Get your money, honey! Git it!

On purpose!!!


  1. Anonymous12:31:00 PM

    I look forward to reading those Food For Thought Posts that you have coming up.

    Now that you are finished with the blanket, hopefully you can rest and get rejuvenated!


    1. Yeah man... I just need to sit down and WRITE them. Sigh.

  2. Here's the thing: I usually just like to read your posts and let them marinate. I sit here and read and nod and think. I don't often have anything of substance to add ... but since I'm so competitive I feel compelled to comment! I may just have to go back to nodding and thinking. :)

    1. Just go back to nodding and thinking, babes. Only takes one comment to.... unless you are striving formthe automatic gift card for most comments. If so, you better stay with commenting! LoL

  3. This was my first full weekend (Fri-Sun) off in ages and I loved it. Had book club on Saturday and just enjoyed the other days of not having to do much or anything. Aw, don't know will it will happen again, but I look forward to it when it does.

    1. I need some time off to just lay around. Taking August 4th off, but i have a doc appointment and running out of town for the day. Sigh.

  4. Love the blanket. You made it fast.

    I love food for thought posts. I can understand how they can drain you. I have to read them and sink by portions.

  5. That blanket is so pretty!

  6. Love the blanket! Such a nice gift.

    I doesn't have the depth it did years ago. No real anthems, etc. :( It's sad. Did you see the Nicki Minaj cover to her album? Butt just out. So THATS what people are talking about...not the music.

    1. Folks are of the mindset these days that as long as people are talking be it good or bad that it is all good. Smh


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